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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another ARC, just in Time ... 'Time Pullers', that is.

   One of the projects I worked on for the recent 4RV Publishing promotion, you science fiction readers will be interested in. It's titled Time Pullers, by Horton Deakins. My job on this one was cover design and ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) layout.

For the cover art, we (the author, publisher, and I), decided to go with some cool stock imagery, that I tweaked just a bit in PS. Below, I'll show you the full ARC cover wrap. The challenging part was finding the perfect imagery. The real fun part was playing with the type, so that it would pop. I went with a 'chrome' type style. I felt the contrasting color really pulled it together, and followed the story line. Check out the blurb:

Time Pullers may forever change the way people think about UFOs, but here, readers will find no reference to alien craft of any kind.

What do Napoleon Bonaparte, an Osage Indian dancing and singing to the stars on a lonely hill on a dark night, and a semi-trailer truck trying to run a gate on a US Air Force Base have in common? Only Time Pullers will tell.

Science Fiction Novel
ISBN: 978-0-9826594-1-0
Available May of 2011 (ARCs available now, for book reviewers) 
Visit Horton's site here
 4RV Publishing
contact Horton Deakins or 4RV Publishing to request an ARC (reviewers only).

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Aidana WillowRaven

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