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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why the new blog home?

illo from Being Jacob: a Day at the Zoo (see cover wrap & order link below).
   I have moved back to blogger for a couple of reasons. Initially, I started considering it because spammers had found my website's blog, and I was get getting dozens of unrelated comments on posts, everyday. Ultimately, it was due to inaccessibility to the Weebly site editor.

A few months back, I was forced to downgrade to a dial-up Internet connection. Other than being slower than molasses, certain sites and functions just are not available to me, like streaming video, for example.

And as it happens, I can't update my web-gallery, either. As far as updating the gallery page itself, I can easily go to the library every so often, and update any recent cover art/designs, or illustrations. It's the day to day marketing and promoting of my work (and the work of the wonderful authors/publishers I work with), the tutorials and critiques, and the much needed, interactive feedback on newly finished works and works in progress.

So, here I go creating a new blog to link to Facebook's NetworkedBlogs, Jacketflap, and a blog to send my Twitter followers to.

Hope you make yourself just at home here, as you did on my home blog.

Until next time...

Aidana WillowRaven

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  1. And here I am following. Now, if I can remember where/how to find this blog.

  2. Thanks, Viv. Your my first follower on he new blog. Yeah!

    To help with your dilemma, I added a 'subscribe to blog' box, near the bottom.

    Will that help?

  3. Rats! Vivian beat me to the number one follower spot. :o)

  4. I'd follow you anywhere!



  5. Awwwe. That's so sweet, Harry. What a nice surprise to see you on my blog. As a matter of fact, your book is one of the ones I am talking about today. You may want to subscribe so you can check it out.

    Thanks, Jan. I had a feeling I'd see you.

    Just so ya know, Janalyn, Vivian cheated. She saw the new blog even before my first post. Then I sent her the post before I even publicly announced it ... lol. She's sneaky that way.

    (Love ya, Viv ;P)

  6. Me cheat? Why, why ... * pouts *

  7. Hi Aidana, I'm here too. I like your new blogsite and look forward to hanging out here on a regular!


  8. Thanks, Shirley. To make 'hanging out' even simpler, there is an email subscription form, below.



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