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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aldric & Anneliese: Mourning Rose

   Another fine art piece is complete: Mourning Rose. Inspired and commissioned as a promotional illustration for Harry Gilleland's latest book Aldric & Anneliese, published through 4RV Publishing.

I did quite a bit of period research (6th century, Anglo-Saxon England), and really wanted to capture a pivotal point in the book, without giving away anything. It took me longer than expected due to computer problems, but a RAM upgrade along side a PC Tune up of the registry, I am happy with the end result. What do you think? Below is the print including the mat and frame. I'm not sure if just the images can be zoomed in on, but if not, contact me and I'll email you a larger file (watermarked) file, if you need to see it in greater detail before making your decision to purchase this signed print.

Mourning Rose (framed, matted, signed, dated) retails for $380.68 + $14.95 S&H. Total + $395.63

 Here is a scale estimate of the framed piece, so you have an idea of how it would look on your wall. To find out more about the quality of my Giclée prints, check out the post for my first print, Tarranau. And of course, once I finish the book trailer, I'll be showing it off, here, too.

Also, here is the post featuring Mourning Rose's sister piece, Stratagem. I have even gone so far as to match the matting and frames of the two pieces, just in case a buyer may want both in their home.

The finished fine art piece, with frame and matting, is 27.3" x 35.5". The print is on an Enhanced Matte ground at 24" x 32", the frame is a classy Matte Black Basic at 0.38" width, the top mat is in a soothing Harbor Blue and the inner mat is in Bridgewater. The Glazing is acrylic, to ensure the safe of the print in shipping. Glass can always be added at a local frame shop, once you receive it.

If you feel more secure ordering straight from the printer (though there may be a slight price difference), here is my ImageKind print gallery: 

Until next time...

Aidana WillowRaven

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