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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cover for Brenda Wynn's book 'Silverdream & Bloodfire' is ready for show!

   My first professional dragon cover! Out of over one hundred books I have worked on or in, I finally have a dragon book cover. Not many people are aware that the whole reason I went to art school, with aspirations of becoming a cover artist, was due to a dragon book cover. 

Michael Whelan (the artist) and his White Dragon piece ...

 Ann McCaffrey's world was yet unknown to me until I saw that dragon. I saw him perched on a cliff, rider upon his back, and I had to have the poster. I took it home and it went on the back of my bedroom door. I sat on my bed for hours doing my best to copy every line, every shade. I totally sucked ... lol. But, those first few drawings are among the ones I carted with me to Norfolk State University, where I asked a Mr. Thompson if he felt I had potential at all. He said I had a lot to learn, but he saw some really good instinctive choices I'd made, also. He encouraged me to enroll.

Of course, I had to start collecting Ann's books, even those not about Pern, but Whelan was the artist that drew me not only into art, but reading as a means of enjoyment and pleasure, in general. *Thank you, Michael, for not one, but two addictions that I really can't afford ... lol ... art supplies/tools and hardback books.* ;P

Of course, I no where near compare to the dragon master, Whelan, but he gets credit any time I think about why I do what I do. And of course, this first dragon cover is CG, not drawn or painted, like most of my work, but it's still my first official dragon cover, going on a soon to be in print book. I'm still excited, and hope it leads to more dragon work, and fantasy work, as a whole.

Thanks, Brenda!

Until next time...

Aidana WillowRaven

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  1. The White Dragon was the first book of the Pern series I read,and I was hooked. The covers drew me first, and then the content.

    I really like this cover, Aidana.

  2. Thanks, Viv. That's saying something!

    Isn't it amazing how an artist can create a book cover, and that cover is what introduces new fans to an author? An author they may never had heard of or read before?

    I want to be an artist like that, someday.

  3. Beautiful Cover, you nailed it! Very interesting back story about the illustrator!


  4. Thanks, Shirley. I try to make my covers interesting.

    And yes, Michael Whelan is my idol ... lol.


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