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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tarranau has set sail ... to the printers!

    Well, the day has finally arrived. Sometimes it seems like forever from the time I get hired for a project, until it finally sees it's way to the printers. The cover art came first. Then the interior layout. Then the copy edit. Then the full cover design. In between it all, the author is attending college and taking finals, I am having computer issues, and life impedes on both of us, causing multiple delays. Talk about a journey.

But alas, I am happy to say that I have submitted the final file, in the final step, before publication. Whew!

And now, without further ado, here is the back cover blurb (which I've never shown, until now):

"The Four Part Land simmers with discontent, as old rivalries and ancient grudges bubble to the surface. The great kingdoms plot and scheme against one another, looking to use treachery to gain an advantage in the upcoming conflict. Some will succeed, and some will fail, but each kingdom dares against all comers.

Into this cauldron of malice is thrust a young mage named Tarranau. Exiled from his home, ripped from his friends and family, he is forced to undertake a perilous journey across The Four Part Land, in answer to a goal he does not yet understand. Along the way he finds unexpected friends and implacable enemies, and has his eyes opened to a world more sinister than any he had imagined.”

The review at the top says: “Created on a massive scale, Tarranau is a sweeping fantasy of a new land – a stunning adventure by a mesmerizing new voice."

Personally, I can't wait for my copy, so I can read it for fun, rather than for work. I never can enjoy it while working. When working, I am focusing on character details and widows/orphans/hyphens. Not just enjoying the story. If I do that, I miss needed details. (That was a hint, James ... I want the first copy ... lol.)

I was so proud of this piece, I made it the first signed and dated Giclée print available, framed and matted. I hope some of you check it out:

Follow the framed print of Tarranau to my ImageKind gallery, where prints can be purchased.

The prints are guaranteed, and the highest quality available. Here, you can see the approximate size that's perfect for your home. Definitely a conversation starter. 

Tarranau is printed on an Enhanced Matte surface (32.0" x 20.1"), framed in a sleek Matte Black Basic frame (finished size: 37.3" x 25.6" - see scale on left). It's double matted, with the top mat in Teton Sky, complimenting the mage's robes. The inner mat is a soft Oyster (acid free paper - to help protect the print over time), bringing out the glowing highlights in the ship's wood and metal surfaces, plus the highlights in the sky and skin tones.

I'll let ya'll know when/where the book will be available for purchase, soon.

Until next time...

Aidana WillowRaven

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