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Monday, May 16, 2011

'Fireside' ... another framed print from WillowRaven.

Honestly, I never imagined my doing a western piece. But, I've been commissioned to illustrate a children's book series that features a cowboy and the wild west town he protects, so I wanted to get my head in the old west before starting. Of course, since this was going in my WillowRaven Originals section of my portfolio, I thought I'd go with a grown-up theme (especially since there are eleven books where I'll be illustrating a children's theme).
Anyway, I ended up pretty happy with the end result, so I loaded Fireside to my ImageKind gallery, where you can order fine art Giclée prints, singed, frammed, and matted.

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 The final size is scaled to fit as a center piece in your home at 34.3" x 22.9". Frames in classic Matte Black Basic. Top mat is a rich red Noel and the bottom mat compliments the terrain in metallic Brushed Pale Gold. 
Of course, buyers are free to choose the size and colors that suit their home best. I just set the default to what's best for the piece. My mentors drilled into us: "True art enthusiasts redecorate the room to compliment the art, those who don't know art, choose art that matches the room."
Lol. Pretentious, huh? Then again, he did sell a piece to Oprah, so maybe his teaching isn't too far off the mark ... lol. Maybe you want to re-decorate?  ;P

Until next time...

Aidana WillowRaven

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  1. Wall art is one of the best that a fireside may have. It can relaxed by our inner soul. In the terms of getting the right blend for your fireplace take note the most important thing, and that is the ambiance of the room.

  2. Thank you, especially considering what you do.

  3. The painting looks really nice. This kind of wall art really have a big impact on rooms where it will be hanged.

  4. I can certainly see that as a common thread in your work and in the work you publish–and it was certainly something I found particularly compelling when I discovered it.


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