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Friday, December 23, 2011

'One More Mystery' sale for Vivian Zabel, Dec 26th ...

I have been working with Vivian Zabel for about four years. I illustrated & designed her Midnight Hours jacket cover, illustrated and designed her Stolen book cover, illustrated her When Death Sat Next to Me poem, and most recently illustrated and designed the cover for her short eStory One More Mystery. I am also the Art Director at her publishing house, 4RV Publishing, so that's a lot of working together. Luckily, we think a lot alike and share a common sense of aesthetic.

So why am I going to buy an eBook on December 26th that's not in my typical genre when everybody knows I prefer books that take up shelf space over computer space (and I don't have a reader)? 
  • One, because Vivian wrote it and she is one of the few amazing writers who can pull people into a story, even if it's outside their normal reading zone.
  • Two,  One More Mystery is in a contest, on Lulu, for the chance at a Nook reader and I happen to know Vivian could really use one.
  • Three, I did the cover art and design and I try to support my authors any way I can, even if it's not a dust collecting, shelf filling, "cuddle up with a good" book.   lol 
To get the skinny on how you can  get your own eBook copy of One More Mystery (remember, only purchases on December 26th help Viv in the contest), head on over to her Brain Cells &  Bubble Wrap blog.

Until next time...
Aidana WillowRaven

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