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Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Snowbird', latest fantasy art piece by WillowRaven

cropped version of 'Snowbird' *

 I don't get to do work that is just for my own fulfillment very often, work based on that 'thing' in my head that makes images all on it's own, without the cues of an author's or publisher's request, but when I do, it satisfies something in me I can't explain. I assume it's that way with any person who delves into any of the creative arts.

Don't get me wrong, there are very few projects that don't excite me and create a sense of pride and accomplishment after I do them for a published work, but somehow, when I do something just because, it's a bit more personal and therapeutic. I have found my personal work says a lot more about me as a person than any of my other works, although people who know me say they can see aspects of me in everything I do ... lol.

Well, my schedule has been thankfully very full, but, so as not to stifle the part of me that makes the rest of me tick, I am determined to do more personal work. Maybe one after a milestone on long projects, or maybe one in between two or three shorter projects.

Anyway, because of it's potentially perceived provocativeness, the version presented here is cropped. The full Snowbird scene is viewable on my 'Dark Fantasies' site, accessible via my Realm of WillowRaven menu page (at the bottom of page). That site is being reserved for my over 18 fans, so please do not abuse my willingness to share those works unless you are 18 or over, or have parental consent.

Until next time...
Aidana WillowRaven

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