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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scape Magazine's third issue is live!

Scape Magazine has published it's third online issue, and once again, I have a contribution. :D.

I shared this image the first time back in late October, when it had to be submitted. Scape only comes out every few months, so I didn't want to talk much about this piece until it was live on the site.

Fish Bowl was inspired by AshleyRose Sullivan's Fish Bowl, and can be read in full on Scape's site. I can't share the story, of course, but I can give you a sip:

     ... Dust swirled around that world. Around all the world he knew. But inside his tank, his fingertips pressed against the glass, he could not fathom it.
     Little girls and boys, stared up at him, at his blue tinted water, at his gills. They were covered in it. Covered in the dust that had spread like a quiet infestation. Their lungs were full of it. Their skin was caked with it, red and brown, where his was slick and fish-scale green.
     Mortimer spun in the tank, large enough for he and one other, then did a somersault through the water. He swam like a fish, which is what he happened to be—an impossible primate with webbed digits and gills. A young man who filtered air from water when everyone around him breathed red dust. He was born like a dolphin, into the water, and never left.

     A crowd formed around his tank and peered through clear wall and water to his body, his face, his hair and spindly fingers. He swam suddenly, toward the glass and allowed the crowd to see his second set of eyelids, his suction cup tipped fingers and they gasped then laughed as he did a backward flip, and swam to the bottom. A little girl tapped on the glass. It was so near to inaudible that Mortimer would've missed it completely if he hadn't turned in time to see her.

If you click on any of the images, I believe you can see a close-up.
     Fine grains of dirt covered her pigtails and a faint rusty layer clung to her pink cotton candy but, Mortimer figured, she probably wouldn't even notice.
     A plume of fire shot into the sky as Johnny, all tattoos and sweating skin, exhaled into the night and the crowd moved on....

Bet ya'll didn't notice the fire breather until you read about him, huh? I had all ya'll looking at the mutant. ;P

Swing on over to Scape and read the rest. I have several fun products featuring Fish Bowl in my Zazzle Shoppe and it's available as a signed, framed print in my ImageKind Gallery. And of course, I love me some comments. :D

Until next time...
Aidana WillowRaven

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