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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More proof that the right book cover is the key to better sales, specifically a WillowRaven book cover.

I love waking up to messages from my website like this:

Amber LaShell has just posted a comment on your page, Sign WillowRaven's Guestbook, and you need to approve it:

Abby Kane Trilogy ... almost
WillowRaven has done 2 covers for me to date, book 2 and book 3 of my Abby Kane Trilogy (Celtic Secrets and Celtic Destiny) and we are working on a re-design of Book 1 (Celtic Magic). I have to say, the covers are so wonderfully beautiful and true to my vision that I often look at them with with stars in my eyes. My modest sales have really begun to grow since releasing the new covers that she created for my books and I could not be more excited to know that people love my covers as much as I do. If you are looking for a very good cover artist that will give you more than what you hoped for... you have found the right place.

4RV Publishing
Of course, every artist loves to hear their cover art and design is liked, especially by the author, but I don't often get verification that the cover actually is doing it's job, which is to bring more lucrative sales than it would have had without my art/design.

Market research statistics report that 70% of all book sales are related to the cover art/design. Yes, regardless of the old adage, people do judge books by their cover

70% ... That's huge! 

That market research fact is also why finding the right cover artist is as important as finding a good editor. And yet, I see it over and over ... authors skimping of the costs of publishing by either doing their own cover or going with the lowest rate they can find, regardless of training, experience, qualifications, or quality.

Visit with me via Live Chat
Well, I'll hop off of my soapbox, now ... I have another cover project to finish. If anyone wants to chat about their cover art needs (or book illustration needs), visit with me in my virtual Live Chat office, on my website. If it says I'm off line, no worries, it leaves me a  message with how  to get back to you. ;D

Until next time... Aidana WillowRaven


  1. I can see where comments like that would make your day. I love your work and am thrilled with the cover you did for me!

    I can wait to see what you come up with for my fellow Ottawa Romance Writer, Madeleine McBride's cover!

  2. I am excited about Madeleine's cover, too. I get excited about most of my covers ... lol. I guess I'm in the right career, huh?

  3. Incredible covers! Awesome job:) I also love your blog and site:)


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