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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nemesis cover is ready for publication.

The design is finally finished for the novel Nemesis, by Kaamil Garyson, and ready for publication. The website is still in the works, but I do have some cool links to share.

    Twitter - bit.ly/KaamilOnTwitter
    YouTube - bit.ly/KaamilOnYouTube
    Blog - http://sinistreproseonline.biz
    Radio - bit.ly/KaamilOnAFW

Check out the description I pulled from the synop: 

During sleep, a young soldier struggles with a haunting demoness, who eventually drags him into damnation. The US Army is calling it PTSD; Private Bishop knows it is something far more sinister.

Passionate about his job and equally aroused by the opposite sex, Private Kyle Bishop has been tormented by Lilith—the female demon associated with sex and death during sleep—leading Bishop to attempt suicide to avoid this harlot. After recovery in the mental ward of the post hospital, Kyle’s problems are compounded as a result of his self-medication.

After his near-death experience, Private Bishop’s drinking binge and pill-popping habit catches up to him as he passes out on his bed and is again tormented by Lilith. Once Bishop learns of the demon’s motives, both he and his buddies will be forever changed.
I hope to have signed prints available through my ImageKind gallery, as well as cool products that feature the work in my Zazzle shoppe soon. I'll give ya'll a head's up when they are ready for sale. 
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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