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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


With several graduation ceremonies out of the way, it's time to get back to work. ;D

Oubliette - (n) French for "a place of forgetting."

Ever since I watched the movie First Knight, years ago, the romantic horror of an oubliette stayed with me.

The idea of there really being a place where people were put, not to be tortured, but simply left, to be forgotten, with no hope of escape was beyond my comprehension.

Imagine, no light but what enters from above, if that, a place you can never visit again.

The smell of death and remains of others who were condemned to starve in not only their own waste, but that of the previous residents as well.

Not even screams of other prisoners being heard.


Forgotten as if to be erased. No burial. No acknowledgement that you ever existed.

Don't ask what I was saying, here. I couldn't tell you. I do know I did not want to show despair. I wanted a quiet strength. An awareness and acknowledgement that only comes from a place of inner resilience and peace.

Something tells me she's not afraid.

Something tells me her captors are.

Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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