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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kainan has a new cover!

The cover art & design for Kainan is a re-vamp of the original cover for the first book in the epic fantasy series, Deragan Sword Prophecy, by Rosemary Lynch.

In one night Kainan's life is destroyed; everyone and everything he has ever known gone. Tricked into stealing the magical Ardor Crystal, the life force of the world of Malgar he is then left to die by the evil Gorzars.  Rescued by a young groundling female Kainan must now seek out the truth about his heritage and who he really is.

Embarking on an epic journey they find themselves torn apart by murder, lies and treachery as they battle against mythical creatures that they never knew even existed whilst discovering magic, power, friendship and love in their epic quest to return the Ardor Crystal to the world of Malgar, and stop the return of the Gorzar Empire.

Time is running out…..

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Introducing 'Strawberries & Sweetgrass'

The cover art & design for Strawberries & Sweetgrass, a First Nations middle grade novel by Nadine Labelle, is ready for show. 

This cover challenged my abilities with this medium in so many ways. Lighting, hair, wind, reflections, gesture, you name it. I learned so much!

Nine-year-old Bayley D’Amour couldn’t think of anyone she’d rather spend more time with than her grandmother. Gokomis with her twinkling eyes and long white hair was her best friend. The only other friends she had were Gokomis’ two horses, Aankwat and Odeh.

When school started, everything changed and Bayley was left without her best friend, with two missing horses, and decisions to make as she stood under a spirit tree. Where did the horses go? How could she bring them home? Who could help her? What would she wish for if she could choose to be almost anything?

Nadine Labelle lives in Massey, Ontario and is an Ojibwe, mother of two from Serpent River First Nation.

I'll be maintaining a page on my website with info on this book. When it's ready for orders, I'll  let ya'll know. :D


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Twitter: @TweetMeNadine

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