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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Serapis Fractur by Mark Clay Grove

... the back cover blurb:

A collector awakens from cryogenic sleep in 2460 to find himself the elected leader of a galaxy-wide business conglomerate based on his strong sense of ethics and integrity – just as a time machine comes online. Because of his interest in history, art, and antiques, he uses the time machine to extract artifacts from inevitable destruction, including the lost contents of ancient libraries of Alexandria and Serapis. Once the extraction process is perfected, historical figures like Copernicus, Hypatia, Edison, Leonardo, and Pershing are extracted from the past to help colonize planets across the galaxy. All goes well until idealistic terrorists attack an orbital city and the collector is forced to revert briefly to his Marine Corps training. In order to defeat the threat, the use of overwhelming force is mustered.

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