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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life on Hold receives seal of approval:

Life on Hold, a young adult novel, by Beverly Stowe McClure received Children's Literary Classics seal of approval. The cover was created by myself. How cool is that?

The next step for Beverly's book is the awards process. Hopefully, it will win a gold or silver award and be able to wear an award seal. We'll know later this year.

Life on Hold
is the second CLC award winner from 4RV Publishing; Walking Through Walls by Karen Coiffi, also with a cover of my creation, was the first and received both the seal of approval and then the silver seal award.

Both books can be found on the 4RV Bookstore, as well as through other online book stores and brick and mortar stores. If interested, contact me privately. :D

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Analise ~ book cover throwback, sorta lol

This scene was more of a challenge than one would first think, not because it was complex or involved difficult techniques, but because I had to match an older skill level of two previous works of mine in this series. That's harder than one might think ... lol. Do you think it matches a little?

Three years have passed since the fall of Gemini. All is quiet in the world of Malgar, until violently attacked the newly built village of Fortress is left devastated. One of Kainan's dragon riders, Morgana disappears, taken by the human-like, bat-winged creatures that had attacked the village.Just before he loses all contact with her, Morgana tells her dragon, Rohan, that it is the Sorceress, and daughter of the evil Gemini, Analise. Kainan and Arweyn must now defend their city, and keep her and her evil creatures from destroying it.

However, not everything goes to plan, and the King and Queen of Malgar are in for a shock when they discover where Analise has been hiding, and what or whom her secret weapon is.

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