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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life on Hold awarded Children's Literary Classics Silver Seal

I don't boast how many of the books I've done covers for because I find it a bit pretentious. I show off my work, and the books they accompany, and allow people to judge for themselves how they rate my work, gauging whether I do the books honor or not. Having said that, I do like to promote the great books and authors and publishers I have the privilege to work with as their cover artist & designer.

The latest book to win a very prestigious award is Beverly Stowe McClure's Life on Hold, a 4RV Publishing publication. Rather than regurgitate the publisher's announcement, I'm posting an excerpt and will link ya'll the the 4RV Reading, Writing, & Art Newsletter.

4RV Publishing received notice that Life on Hold by Beverly Stowe McClure was awarded Children's Literary Classics' Silver Seal. All authors of children's and young adult books should seek this honor. ... [Link]

Onto wrapping up the next book cover :D

Until next time ...
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