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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Makoti Enters the Kraal ~ Book Cover and Design

This cover project, Makoti Enters the Kraal, by Phangisile Mtshali, was very different for me. I've never been commissioned to create an African scene, so I was excited throughout the project. I anticipate book two will be just as rewarding, if not more so. 


Ndiwe is uMakoti - a new bride of the Mantshinga family. Madly in love and excited for her new life, she soon realises that not all is as it seems, in particular the strange, menacing family cat, Madevana. Just what role does the feline play in the family? And why is she treated with such respect and awe?

Ndiwe is in terrible danger, from many different quarters. With the aid of a mysterious helper, she must not only protect herself, but the lives of her children – with or without her beloved husband, Akha.


“An absorbing, emotional and chilling tale of African mythology and the practice of witchcraft, Makoti Enters the Kraal is also a fascinating account of makoti, exploring the life and culture of African family life and will keep you gripped until the last page.”

— Karen Perkins, bestselling author of the Valkyrie Series and Thores-Cross

Onto wrapping up the next book cover :D

Until next time ...

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