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Friday, December 6, 2013

'Fire of the Covenant' now available on Amazon.

I know I say there is a special challenge on every book cover I create, but it's true. I try to stretch my own skills with every project I do.

For Fire of the Covenant, I had the unique challenge of creating two characters, twins that happen to be opposite genders, yet still be able to switch lives in the story. So they had to look alike enough to be each other's double, but still show their genders.

Back Cover blurb:

  At sixteen years old, Princess Willoe is to be sent away, in seclusion, prior to a forced marriage bond, rather than being allowed to fulfill her dreams of competing in a man’s world. Her twin, the solemn Prince Rowyn, has his own problems, forced to take up the life of a man-at-arms instead of retreating into his books and a life of contemplation. The twins decide, with the help of their cousins Aeron and Casandra, to take one last chance to experience their dreams.
  A plan that has potential if not for two things: Foreign priests of the Shin-il Way, who see the twins as necessary to the priests' domination of the world; and the Burning Lady, goddess over the Spirit world, who requires that the twins fulfill a covenant that a distant ancestor of theirs had made with the king of the dragons.
  The close family bond between the twins and their cousins can help them confront any danger, but the true test of this bond comes when the price of the covenant becomes clear.

The kindle version is already up on Amazon, and the print version will be available in a few days.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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