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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Wandering Warrior takes 1st place as P&E's 'Best Other Novel' in 2013!


One of my favorite cover art and design projects for 2013 (and ongoing into 2014 with the book trailer creation) is Harry Gilleland's A Wandering Warrior, published by 4RV Publishing. And apparently, it's a favorite for a lot of other people, too. Wonderful :D

A Wandering Warrior placed in two categories earlier this month in the annual Preditors and Editors competition for the best books over the past year.

Of the 1000's of entries, in various categories for 2013, A Wandering Warrior took first place for Best Other Novel and eighth place in the Best Cover Artwork categories.

Scene for the book, created for the book trailer.
Book blurb:

A Wandering Warrior, an historical fiction/action–adventure novel,  takes place in twelfth century England. Thomas Beaumont, a commoner, warrior and an itinerant soldier, loses his uncle in battle and his brother through the duplicity of another. He wanders over the country, using his skills to live and to search for the man who killed his brother. 

His search brings him the love of a traveling young woman, but romance must wait for revenge.  The twists and turns of fate challenge the warrior in many ways, often creating doubt for success. The goals at the ends of his searches hold a reader’s interest.

In celebration, I've created a slew of products in my CafePress storefront titled The Wandering Warrior Collection. Pick up a copy of the book at the 4RV Bookstore, then swing over to WillowRaven's Wares and pick out a customized gift for yourself or your favorite book lover. :D

Purchase links can be found on the A Wandering Warrior page on my website.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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