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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blood & Fire ~ cover art and design

In a world where vampires enslave the human population like cattle for the slaughter, a struggle has ensued.
Commanded by the sun deity, Pyronius, the mighty dragons of planet Draconos become linked to humanity in their struggle for survival. Henceforth, when a human is born at the moment a dragon is hatched, the two will become paired for life – dragon and rider.
The brave Dragonriders of Highland Den are the only force keeping the vampires from ruling the world.
At the fulcrum of this conflict, a boy is born both vampire and Dragonrider. This unprecedented event casts him and his vampiric dragon into a life of solitude, as their very existence is considered an abomination.

Now events have transpired that have thrown the two into the midst of the world at war. Will Nick and Drake be able to help the Dragonriders defeat the vampires and save humanity? Or will the evil ancient vampire Vlad corrupt our heroes with the insidious alien power of the Ooze?

Blood & Fire was one of my favorite projects. 
The original concept was very different from the result, which sometimes happens when the artist and author get more into the characters and story during cover creation.
Stephen created a very exotic world, and I am excited to share just a small glimpse of what he wrote. 

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...

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