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Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Oubliette' finds a book ... 'Elona'

Paid commissions account for the majority of my book cover artwork, intended for a particular book or story. On occasion, I take a few days to work on a personal piece. Once completed, I offer the usage rights  on my website, thinking maybe someone will like to use it for their book's cover, at a discounted rate than a commissioned work. Oubliette is such a piece. As of today, Oubliette will also be known as Elona.

Book's blurb:

Two thousand years ago, fleeing their Slissac masters, the Taymalin stole a new land from its indigenous people.

A descendant of those invaders, ten year old Lady Elona of Corlain finds herself bound by a prophecy that says she will defeat an invading army. But that’s impossible: she’s just a girl.

Her betrothal to the Prince solves the paradox for the nation’s leaders—she can produce the heir to fight the prophesied war—at the cost of political enemies for Elona.

But six years later, as Elona’s behaviour becomes erratic, her carefully planned future shatters.

If curious about the art, since it has a history separate from the book (though the author tells me it's actually quite fitting), more can read about the art on the Elona page on my website.

Anyone interested in viewing what other original works are available for publication can visit the pre-made cover art segment on my website.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...

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