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Monday, April 14, 2014

Diary of a Hunter ~ Cover Art & Design

Did you know a vest in the UK is not the same garment as a vest in the US? Neither did I until my latest project, Diary of a Hunter, by Amber Thessaily, first in a series of three books.

As usual, the project started with the author and I meeting via Live Chat on my website. We discussed the book and character at length until a firm picture painted itself in my head, just needing me to translate it for all to see.

Our MC's look was to be a little Faith inspired (Buffy fans know the look), but with attributes shared by the author, like red hair. She was to wear cowboy boots, pants and a vest.

Being a fan of Buffy, myself, I excitedly got started on the discussed scene. I was given a good bit of freedom on the environment, just a vague desire for an old creepy warehouse, as in the opening credits, in season three.

Of course, I had an excuse to hop over to Hulu to re-watch season three ... It was research ... Work ... It was!

I put our MC in black leather pants, black cowboy boots, and a black corset-style vest. A stylish, red do, some cool jewelry and a wicked looking knife completed the look. I then composed the setting. 

Excitedly, I sent the first draft to Amber (and a touch nervously - which happens with every first draft I send to an author). The following day, I get an email with positive remarks. Just one suggestion. Can I change her top to a vest, like Faith wore on the show. Of course, more research was needed ... Back to Hulu. ;P

I found no vests on Faith, so asked Amber for some pics. Turn out, what we call tanks or tank tops in the US are called vests in the UK. We do, however, share one common term for them ... wife-beaters ... Though she didn't know why they were sometimes called that, so I had fun explaining why we call it that. I suspect the derogatory term started in the US and bled through their common language thanks to TV and movies, lol. 

Now that I knew what a vest was, the cover could be completed. I utilized a Buffy-inspired font for the title and we were finished. :D

Blurb ... 

   Monsters do exist.
   Ever get the feeling that you are being watched from the shadows? 
   That’s because you are……………
   Ghosties, Ghoulies and eight legged beasties stalk the Midnight realm with only the Hunters to keep them at bay.
   Working in secret the Hunters protect you from creatures once thought to only exist in the world of make-believe.
   My name is Amber Thessaily and I am a Hunter. 
   You are holding my diary, the record of a smoking hot Hunter on the frontlines of the battle against the things that go bump in the night.

Amber and I have a lot more planned for this upcoming book. We'll keep you updated about Diary of a Hunter's pending release.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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  1. Great work! A far cry from Lisen, eh?

    1. Thanks :D Yes, very different than Lisen, but I like diversity in projects. Keeps my job fun and interesting, :D

  2. Haha - I commented on the vest problem in my blog too! I'm also glad I wasn't the only one 'researching' Buffy following our chat. I've so far researched all the way through seasons 1-3 and am well into season 4 'research'. Everytime I see THE shot in the opening credits I think of our conversation.

    Common language barrier aside you have worked magic. From the moment I saw the model study to the final cover design you have captured her exactly. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

    1. I told you we think alike ;P No little pond is gonna stop us! lol

      You know, your comment would make a great testimonial for the guestbook on my site (http://willowraven.weebly.com/guestbook.html). *hint, hint


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