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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Spanners series has a second book ...

Dr. Clara Ackerman Branon, Ph.D., 58, the Chief Communicator / liaison between Earth and the Many Worlds Collective (MWC), a consortium of planet and star systems all around the multiverse, has 6 nieces (ages 2 – 24), 6 nephews (ages 2 months – 39), and one adult son (38) five years APC (After Public Contact). 

Clara’s son, Zephyr, and her nieces and nephews discuss Transition, the period immediately after Earth is invited to join the MWC, and the many changes occurring in these first five years. 

Narrated partially by Moran Ackerman, Chief of the Psi-Warriors and top Earther among the OverSeers covert and Special Operations (OSOps) division (and one of Clara's nephews), Moran provides more details about the Fragmenters, Trenchers, Psi-Warriors, Psi-Defiers, and OverSeers' Excellent Skills Program psi training. 

"This Changes My Family and My Life Forever" is filled with stories about Clara’s family, Moran's involvement in the OverSeers, Zephyr and his cousins' points of view on the Transition. 

Learn more about Clara’s early life and her involvement as the Chief Communicator and what Earth’s Transition is like for them, their families and friends. Does Clara's love for Epifanio Dang prevail in any multiverse timelines?

If you are new to the series, be sure to read volume 1, too, "This Changes Everything"

Clara Branon, Ph.D., becomes the Chief Communicator for the Many Worlds Collective when 5 alien holos come to her house, changing Earth forever. The MWC authorizes several Re-sets of the Transition to ensure the fewest deaths for those who resist Earth's membership in the MWC. Timulting allows Clara to depict several versions of her 30 years as the CC, some with her long-time love, Epifanio Dang.
Purchase info is available on my website for both books.
This Changes Everything
This Changes My Family and My Life Forever

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...
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