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Monday, June 2, 2014

'Rumspringa' ... cover art and design for Shakuita Johnson (@sljay1184)

Rumspringa ...

I grew up among the Pennsylvania Dutch folk, complete with horse-drawn buggies, covered bridges, and hex signs on barns, and still find this Amish rite of passage mysterious and somewhat romantic.

Rumspringa, sometimes spelled Rumschpringe or Rumshpringa, means running or jumping around and is used to describe the time of adolescence in the Amish community. It begins around fourteen and ends around sixteen or seventeen, when the teen makes the ultimate decision as to whether to be baptised into the faith or choose to 'live among the English.'

During this period, teens are permitted to date (with the intent of finding a spouse), and the average rigid life of the Amish is a bit more relaxed. Offenses that would usually result in shunning are likely to be overlooked or treated with less severity, at this time. Defying one's parents, 'dressing English,' smoking, drinking alcohol, even owning a car and traveling outside the community for a year is common.

A small percentage of teens decide never to return to Amish life.

With such an exotic tradition within such a secretive community in this modern age, it's not hard to understand how Shakuita Johnson could spin a supernatural tale of fantasy focused around Rumspringa ... A ceremony where teens, instead of leaving for a year to sow their oats, come together to be tested in their abilities to control the natural elements, earth, air, fire, and water, and have their lead element declared on their 16th birthday.

As happens with some of my favorite projects, the cover for Rumspringa started with a project outline and morphed into something completely different before it was done. My favorite part? It's hard to say. I was a real challenge to represent the basic elements in a way no one has seen in a movie or on a book before. I also spent a lot of time on the horse and buggy. Maybe it was the moon? lol. What's your favorite part?

Shakuita tells me release has been delayed because her story has taken on a life of its own, as did its cover. Maybe the two are connected? lol

Once she gets me a blurb, I'll share it :D


Here's the promised blurb ...

What would you do for love? Would you sit by and let it pass you by, or would you grab onto it no matter the cost? Would you break the rules and leave everyone else behind so guarantee your own happiness?

Sy Cole wants what all sixteen-year-old girls in her coven want. To master one of the four elements, move out of her parents' home, and into her new one with her chosen husband. It seemed all that was within her grasp, when it was brutally snatched away.

Instead of sitting by and letting her life be dictated, she acted. When faced with having to choose family over love, she chose love. She took control of her life and went on a journey that would turn all she knew and was always told upside down.

On the run and looking over her shoulder Sy, along with her love Jamie, look for the only people she believes can help them now…her brothers.

Join Sy as she undergoes the ceremony that changes her life forever. Whether it's for good or bad is still to be determined.

Don't forget to connect with Shakuita on her website and Twitter:


Shakuita Johnson


Onto wrapping up the next book :D

Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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  1. You just keep getting better and better. Love how the elements are in the right places on the unseen compass. Striking. Book sounds fascinating.

    1. lol ... I always find it interesting who catchech what.

      Most don't know me well enough to understand what goes into my work. Much of what goes into one of my covers, as you know, comes from the author/text, but a lot of my imagery comes from me and my heritage, my experience, my training, and/or my beliefs.

      I use symbology, numerology, anthropology, archeology, mythology, physiology, chromology (the study of how color affects mood and behavior), and whatever other suits the topic and/or the effect I want to convey.

      Kinda sounds like a potential blog post, lol.

      The placement and way I chose to portray the elements was just one little clue, and you saw it ... Which also tells me more about you than I knew.

      They do say a picture is worth a thousand words ...


  2. Rumspring is now LIVE for those interested :)



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