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Saturday, September 13, 2014

My chat with Books and Authors UK ...

One of my Twitter contacts, @BooksNAuthorsUK, has done me a great honor :D ...

BnAUK specialize in reviews, Q&As, author profiles, book news, advice & tips, and much more.

Check out the Q & A chat about my work and life as an #artist. on Books and Authors UK.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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  1. Agree with everyone else, Aidana. I see a style that connects all your work too. Wish I was knowlegible enough about art to really articulate just what that is. Still, I think your work has a constant similarity to a photograph (one of the things I like about it). I'm sure you'll say that's what the writer or publisher wanted but that still means they know you can deliver it. I enjoyed reading about how your career developed.

    1. Thank you, Louis :D

      Starting out as a pencil artist, then finding color, paint and photography, then years later, digital, I think my brain is possibly merging the disciplines.

      All I know is, it took me many years to get my work to look like it looks in my head, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :D



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