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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Treacherous Passion' and 'Tastes Like Cherry', with a fresh face ...

Renee Cronin, the author of Treacherous Passion, allowed me to get back to my roots with some line work. I had tried going digital first, but it just wasn't giving us the feel we wanted. Then I went a bit old-school ...

At the age of 23, Jeya Wellington was pretty much on her own. The devastating loss of her parents left her bereft and alone. Her best friend, Roman and his family became her surrogates, but they could never replace what she lost.

When she met Rayne Waters, she thought she found true love. She never expected that love to come with bruises. Now she wants out.

With the support of family and friends, Jeya finds a way to escape. But Rayne isn’t letting go that easily. They made a commitment and she has the tattoo to prove it -‘Til Death Do Us Part.

Is Jeya’s will stronger than her vow?

Expected release for Treacherous Passion is by the end of the year. Keep an eye out on the book's page on my website for purchase links.
After I finished TP, Renee commissioned me, once again, to redress Tastes Like Cherry.

Sherry "Cherry" Milton has had six months to get over Anya Prye, her ex-fiancé. Six months to accept that what they had was over and that she needed to move on with her life. Cherry was certain she had done so, until Anya reappears.

Anya Prye has come to the realization that life was not complete unless she had the love of her life to share it with. Six months ago, she made a decision that changed everything and now she's back to make amends. Can she convince Cherry that they were meant to be together? What will it take to prove it? Or is it too late?

For this project, I wanted all of the focus on the suspended cherry and the typography, but something was still missing. A lot of negative space, and the placement of 'like' left the design wanting of something, we just didn't know what. The ring was Renee's idea. Mine was to hang it from the 'y'.

Not to make any comparisons, but to allow those who only know TLC by it's original cover, I have added it to this post, as well. 

Don't know what Renee has in store for me next, but I'm sure it will be fun. :D

Once the cover gets updated on Amazon, I'll add the purchase link to the TLC page on my website, so be sure to bookmark it and check back. :D

Onto wrapping up the next book :D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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