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Thursday, October 9, 2014

'Gorgon Tales Under a Blood Moon' for Shakuita Johnson (@sljay1184)

Gorgon Tales Under a Blood Moon, exclusive usage rights to Shakuita Johnson, and myself.
The night was full of death.
The wolves howled loud and clear.
Here I sit with quill as my shield to capture the beauty of my mind.
The snakes are my comfort and are fed from my soul.
Hours spent hunched on my perch spinning tales of blood and gore.
Scenes as bloody as the moon above me.

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The idea to create an original, signature artwork for Shakuita Johnson, author of Rumspringa, came about when I was helping her update her website, after completing the cover for Rumspringa. I suggested something original for the backdrop image, rather than the template image provided by her website provider.

At first, the idea was just that ... an idea. Then, not a week later, another author followed me on Twitter. I hopped over to his website to see what he had, and wouldn't you know it ... his backdrop/template image was exactly the same as Shakuita's.

Both of us knowing how important branding is, and standing out in an ocean of competition is hard enough without look-alike author sites, we decided to make the idea a reality.

Shakuita knew she wanted a dark fantasy scene involving a blood moon. I wanted to be sure the art represented her as an author, including some attributes from photos I'd seen of her.

I thought ... 'I want to represent her writing as a whole. What's sexy, monstrous, and dark; yet allows me to show her African-American heritage, with a fantasy twist?' A GORGON!!!

One photo shows Shakuita's long black hair with a bright red strand in the front, covering one eye. It may be hard to see, but the asps (which from a distance could be braids) fall over one eye, like in the photo. Actually, they flow over the opposite eye, since this is Shakuita's alter-ego--her mirror-self in a fantasy dimension.

I littered the scene with stacks of books; books she's written her dark tales in. With quill and open tome at the ready for inspiration to strike, she creates herself a perch of stone, with a little assist from her other passion.

We used this image, in various croppings, to market Shakuita Johnson, the author, and her writing. I created three network banners and of course her website and blog are just a few places you can see representations of this image. Be sure to let Shakuita know what you think of her new signature piece. :D

The short tale associated with the art was, naturally, written by Shakuita, inspired by the artwork. Comments from Shakuita, about her signature artwork:

"I don’t remember the exact conversation we had about the signature piece but I do remember wanting it to strongly represent a blood red moon for two reasons: I LOVE red and the moon is such a part of paranormal for me. Whether it be a human transforming into a wolf, witches using it to fuel their powers, or vampire bats flying past it, I’ve always associated the moon with the paranormal.

So when I was asked what would adequately represent me as a writer I knew that the moon and red would definitely play a part in it. Throw in what appears to be ruins and clearly a mythology driven scene it was me in a nut shell. I love mythology for years and always love building worlds that take us outside the realm of reality and into the impossible or possible depending on how you look at it.

This piece is everything that represents me perfectly. I can see myself in a past life exactly as pictured here."

Now THAT's a testimonial, lol. Thanks, Shakuita :D Be sure to check out her other works/networks.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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