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Friday, October 31, 2014

Lisen of Solsta: Blooded ~ cover art and design (@hartstm)

I love it when an author is open to my opinions on what would work best for their cover. The original cover concept for Blooded was an indoor throne room scene. And although I'm sure it would have represented the book well, I felt an outdoor scene would fit the series as a whole, better, so Hart gave me an alternative scene from the book.

The new scene was extra enjoyable because it included a beautiful, Frisian horse in a fall setting. 


Racked by guilt after committing an act of vengeance at the end of Tainted, Lisen steps into her role as Empir Ariannas in Blooded. She hardens her soul to face the resulting personal devastation alone. Along the way, Lisen and her captain reunite briefly, but the consequences of their moment of passion in the Farii remain a mystery to Lisen as the two of them once again glance off one another unable to admit their feelings.

Will Korin relent and reveal the secret he’s kept from her? Will Lisen come to forgive herself for her self-perceived sins? Will she recover the sense of family support that she once felt on Earth? Will she ever feel anything but alone again? Or will the nightmare of reality overwhelm her as the story concludes in this final volume? In a story that brings traitors to justice and two opposing lands to an inevitable confrontation, Blooded completes the Lisen of Solsta trilogy.

Keep an eye out for the release of Blooded. And while you wait for it to become available, be sure to pick up copies of Fractured: Lisen of Solsta and Tainted: Lisen of Solsta.


D. Hart St. Martin strived to give life to a world that is entirely gender neutral. She sought to tell the story of a young woman who meets the typically male-oriented definition of a mythic hero. She imbued Lisen Holt aka Lisen of Solsta with the greatness and flaws of the archetype of the boy-man who learns his destiny is not what he envisioned. In the process, Lisen grew up to be a formidable presence, and Ms. St. Martin’s Garlan mythology benefited. 

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
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