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Friday, October 3, 2014

"Return to Dune Towers" writing challenge - submission by TM Vornes (@ThisGuyRocks)

The Twitter writing prompt challenge, using one of my original artworks as the inspiration, is really turning out to be fun. :D I had no idea so many people would be interested in participating.

TM Vornes sent the latest submission, surprising me through the contact form on my website:

Thanks for the writing prompt it was enjoyable for sure. Also, I always appreciate cross promotion.

I do believe I enjoyed this more than I realized. I think I'll add this short to my list of stories to flush out entirely. I'm more of a screenwriter so it will probably be a 110 page screenplay or syfy mini series.

Rise of the Emerald Phoenix

Looking upon Dune Towers brought about a sudden and familiar panic. Willow closed her eyes and willed her labored breathing to a somber pace. The twisted steel and neon lights of her former jail paled in comparison to the dreadful hell she had just clawed her way out of victorious and empowered. She opened her eyes slowly viewing the towers with fresh eyes, the eyes of a conqueror with the will of a destroyer as the desert breeze chilled the sweat beading upon her shoulders. The whirring hum of her platform all but died as she came to a stop watching a ripper fly towards her. She smiled and enjoyed the silent peace of the day as she hovered silently waiting for her prey to greet her in the sand.

To check out more of the author's writing, visit his sites:
Twitter: @ThisGuyRocks

Want to take the challenge? Write a short for this artwork, and I'll post it with links to your website and/or network profile. :D

Onto wrapping up the next book :D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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