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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

'Scepter of the Nile: The Ankh' ~ cover art and design for Ross Homer (@RossGHomer)

A silver box sits on the table in front of Tomyris Currington. Opening it, she finds it empty which is not possible. When it was sealed, two thousand years ago, an Ankh was inside. She is the only person who could open it. Since it sat there empty, it was obvious someone other than her removed it. But who? What happened to the Ankh?

The Goddess Sekhmet issues a terrible threat. The Ankh must be returned to her. If not, people will die…horribly. How will this affect the tough decisions that have to be made? Why are Tomyris Currington and Sophia Al-Haran no longer together?

This book begins in North Texas, moves to Wales, then to London and Paris, Milan and finally, Tel Aviv, before the answers are found back in North Texas. Lives will be lost, relationships will be pulled apart and people will stand in judgment.

Will the Ankh be found before Sekhmet acts on her threats? The answers are in The Scepter of the Nile, The Ankh.

Easily one of the most unusual book series I've worked on, book two in the Scepter of the Nile series has a cover. Introducing ... The Ankh.

I say it's unusual because the central character spans a longer than ordinary timeline. So, the artwork decided upon for a particular volume can be from an entirely different period than the previous one. Not just decades, but centuries, pass, making it very interesting for me, as an artist.

As you see on the cover, our heroine although dressed in somewhat modern attire and modern hairstyle, still gives us hints to her past. Falconry, amulets, talismans, and ancient Egyptian inspired make-up, to name a few. And we can't forget the near-sheer, body-revealing, clothing she prefers.

To emphasize just how different the periods, check out the cover art and design for book one, The Scepter. The MC is the figure in red, bending over Cleopatra. Yes ... THE Cleopatra, lol. See what I mean?

Since today's post is about The Ankh, but you'd like info on book one, just visit my site.

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Onto wrapping up the next book :D
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