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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Going from Photoshop raster to Illustrator vector, for logo creation..

Logo created exclusively for Carnoria Publishing

Being more comfortable with Photoshop than illustrator, I prefer to start logo creation in PS, then convert the logo as a vector, in Illustraor, after the fact.

First, I create the art in Photoshop, then design the text to go with it in a PS layer. I blind any layers I don't want to show up in the final logo, and save the file as both a PSD (to retain the layers for later use) and as an EPS.

I then open the EPS file in Illustrator.

Note, if clicked on, tell-tale vector points can be seen when the group image is selected, but the image and a white ground act as one element right now, so it's only a partial vector at this point. I also don't resize anything until after I make a few adjustments. Let's vectorize the still-raster art layer.

Double click on the white background area, which should select the entire art layer. Open the Live Trace tool and choose these settings. Don't panic if the screen goes dark for a moment, each change has to recalibrate the preview.

Make sure the method option is on the first option. This allows us to 'ignore white'. Most helpful when wanting a clear ground.

Now go to the top and 'Expand'. You should see a mass of blue points. The art is now vectorized, to match the text.

To resize everything, so it fits within the workspace, click outside the work space, to clear any selected point, then click on any one element, so that every element 'lights-up'. While holding the shift key, drag the outer corners until the size you want is established.

Click outside the work space again, so you can see what minor adjustments still need made. Like in this case, the text is a touch off compared to the globe, so click on just the top text area, like so. Then adjust the bottom text group, if desired.

Now save as an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai), and you have a vector logo to present to you client, that doesn't have the resizing drawbacks of the original raster file.

Hope someone finds this helpful.

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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