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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blood & Fire ~ cover art and design

In a world where vampires enslave the human population like cattle for the slaughter, a struggle has ensued.
Commanded by the sun deity, Pyronius, the mighty dragons of planet Draconos become linked to humanity in their struggle for survival. Henceforth, when a human is born at the moment a dragon is hatched, the two will become paired for life – dragon and rider.
The brave Dragonriders of Highland Den are the only force keeping the vampires from ruling the world.
At the fulcrum of this conflict, a boy is born both vampire and Dragonrider. This unprecedented event casts him and his vampiric dragon into a life of solitude, as their very existence is considered an abomination.

Now events have transpired that have thrown the two into the midst of the world at war. Will Nick and Drake be able to help the Dragonriders defeat the vampires and save humanity? Or will the evil ancient vampire Vlad corrupt our heroes with the insidious alien power of the Ooze?

Blood & Fire was one of my favorite projects. 
The original concept was very different from the result, which sometimes happens when the artist and author get more into the characters and story during cover creation.
Stephen created a very exotic world, and I am excited to share just a small glimpse of what he wrote. 

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Oubliette' finds a book ... 'Elona'

Paid commissions account for the majority of my book cover artwork, intended for a particular book or story. On occasion, I take a few days to work on a personal piece. Once completed, I offer the usage rights  on my website, thinking maybe someone will like to use it for their book's cover, at a discounted rate than a commissioned work. Oubliette is such a piece. As of today, Oubliette will also be known as Elona.

Book's blurb:

Two thousand years ago, fleeing their Slissac masters, the Taymalin stole a new land from its indigenous people.

A descendant of those invaders, ten year old Lady Elona of Corlain finds herself bound by a prophecy that says she will defeat an invading army. But that’s impossible: she’s just a girl.

Her betrothal to the Prince solves the paradox for the nation’s leaders—she can produce the heir to fight the prophesied war—at the cost of political enemies for Elona.

But six years later, as Elona’s behaviour becomes erratic, her carefully planned future shatters.

If curious about the art, since it has a history separate from the book (though the author tells me it's actually quite fitting), more can read about the art on the Elona page on my website.

Anyone interested in viewing what other original works are available for publication can visit the pre-made cover art segment on my website.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another freebie ... 'Tainted'

*Blue portion taken straight from D's Facebook page:

Facebook Fan Page

TAINTED IS FREE!!! To anyone and everyone, as long as you have a way to download a Kindle file (which you can do to your computer). If you've read or intend to read Fractured, download Tainted now. And don't forget the contest (deadline 5/9) rules, etc. pinned to the top of my page.

I know that posts to a page rarely get seen by a lot of people. That's why I keep harping on this. (And if you share it, that's the best way for others to see it and hence increase my reach, but that is totally up to you, my friends.) Thank you all so much for your support.

You only have 'till Sunday to download it for FREE, so move fast :D

In Fractured, Lisen Holt, Valley girl, beach lover, learned she doesn't belong on Earth. Re-adapting to Garla, the place of her birth, proved difficult, but the greater challenge was learning that she is the Heir-Empir and must confront her brother for the throne. Witnessing her only friend’s murder, defending her own life with forbidden power, and succumbing to possession by her friend’s soul left Lisen fractured, with little hope she’d ever recover.

The story continues in Tainted with Lisen and her guardian companion, Korin, traveling to the great desert of Thristas. They hope to find safety in the anonymity of the barren wilderness, out of the range of Garlan spies. There, Lisen learns the ways of Thristas and its fierce people who view Garla’s Empir as a tyrant. In an effort to prove their sincerity, Lisen and Korin participate in the Farii, the spring fertility ritual which changes everything for Lisen. She returns to Garla with a brilliant but damning plan that she believes will ensure her victory against her brother.

While you are there, be sure to pick up book one, Fractured, available in both ebook and paperback.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Cover art and design for 'Once in a Lifetime'

I don't get to work with romantic themes very often, so I jumped at the chance to work on a 'not-your-typical-sappy-romance' book cover when Keith Gardner contacted me with the Once in a Lifetime project. 

A little about the story ...

True Love . . . is it real, and does it actually happen?

Well, Roger and Suzette were sure that it had for them. From their first ever meeting at school in this heart-warming story when they were both only ten years of age. They would soon become inseparable, beginning as childhood sweethearts, which would then lead up to much more as the following years unfolded.

Life as we know it though, is never always a bed of roses. There are highs, just as there are lows. There can be happiness, just as there can also be sadness.

You can follow their story, seen from various viewpoints. Will it be a very happy one, or one tinged with sadness. What you will read, could make you smile, bring you to tears, even just to laugh, or offer a huge sigh. A lump in the throat perhaps, or the simple sensation of  complete enjoyment. How you will see this story for yourself is what will matter the most.

Onto wrapping up the next book :D

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Aidana WillowRaven

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Freebies to celebrate with D. Hart St. Martin ...

D. Hart St. Martin is celebrating her birthday, starting today, and all weekend long, by giving away free Kindle copies of her book, Fractured. Get more info on her facebook event page:


Learn more about the series on my website:



Or connect with the author:

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Onto wrapping up the next book :D

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