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Monday, March 30, 2015

'Heaven's Return' by Rhabi Rites (@playwright42) ~ cover art and design

I've read more than once that it's 'amateur' to use only three or four colors, (primary colors at that) mainly because it's easy to go 'flat'. However, I like the dramatic contrast, and if shadows, reflections, and highlights are used effectively, it works, and thankfully, my clients think so, too.

Heaven grew up asking questions about who she was because everyone thought she had been adopted. Her search led her down a road of promiscuity and she thought she'd found her purpose. This road came to an abrupt end when the love of her life, Sam, left her, alone and pregnant. Hitting bottom Heaven knew she needed to find solace and thought she had when she gave her life to Christ. 

She didn't stop being irresistible to men and her beauty was hypnotizing but she decided to live this life with Christ was what she missed all those years until...he appeared. Sam was back, and he was even more pleasant to her eyes. His smell, his walk, those lips...she then realized that her desire for him was more intense and her love, deeper. She wanted to continue living a Christ-like life, but her passion wanted him...more.

Be sure to connect with Rhabi Rites online:

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Friday, March 27, 2015

'Myth Rider' ~ Cover art and design for 4RV Publishing (@4RV)

Available soon through 4RV Publishing and book retailers everywhere.
Myth Rider, by Cynthia Kennedy Henzel, is just one of a handful of cover projects all finishing up about the same time.
I'm really tickled how this cover came out. I was going for a blend between early 1900 rodeo posters and modern day imagery to attract today's YA audience. Both author and publisher have approved, so today, I shall share the blurb and a review. :D 
Now just need to finish the interior layout then put together the cover wrap and we are off to the races printers. 
Review for Myth Rider:
"Creating a bridge between countries and cultures, race and gender, science and story, Myth Rider is a beautifully written novel that will rope you in, take you for a ride, and ultimately bring you back home again." 

– Lindsay Eland, author of A Summer of Sundays, “[A] contemporary story with the feel of a classic” --Booklist
 In 1910 a young girl races an ancient myth to return the Centaurs to their homeland in Georgia. As a shadow falls over the land and danger lurks ever closer, Tamara flees to a place that seems as strange to her as Dorothy dropped into Oz. With a new horse, new friends, and a daunting new challenge, she adapts to this land of opportunity. Now she must choose: race for the American dream or heed the cry of the Centaurs calling her home?

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I need the help of my supporters ... I need a new wide format printer by tomorrow! Please RT! #Help #CoverArtist

Even Medusa needs a little support sometimes ...
Website background art for 
Official website for author Shakuita Johnson
I have never done this before, but a friend of mine suggested I should give it a go, using the logic, "If people on crowdsourcing sites can ask for help for creative endeavors, why not you? Do you think you are too good to ask for help?" Since she has a point, and my options are limited at this late date, I find myself typing, asking for help. 

As I've been posting about all month, preparations to attend and co-panel at the MidSouthCon have been well underway. I have ordered and received my special watercolor paper, for archival prints, I've ordered and am awaiting three cases of frames, I have reserved my hotel room and purchased other whatnots in preparation for my three-wall art room display. In addition, several of my authors and publishers have sent bookmarks and books for handouts, sale and/or the charity auction on Sunday.

I bet Murphy carries a battle axe ...

The Sheriff - a complimentary piece for Harry Gilleland's A Wandering Warrior (book will be avail at the con for 1st time)

As Murphy would have it, my wide format, art-quality printer just died and I need a new one, not a week before the convention. I am going to have to buy a replacement tomorrow and have found one, but the funds I have reserved for the hotel room, transportation, and out-food (as my son calls it) is all of my savings after Christmas expenses. This is the only con I attend in person each year, and we treat it as a family/working vacation combined birthday party (mine -- the 19th).

One of the new prints planned for this year.

Between my having been so sick this year (flu-related stuff, not life-threatening) m I haven't worked as much as I normally would have and just don't have the extra to spend on a several hundred dollar printer last-minute, like this.

Everybody needs friends to watch their back ...

Cover art for Jason Hein's novel, Arise to Fall ... book coming soon

I really HATE receiving charity (though I have no qualms giving to charity), I would much prefer a rash of projects being contracted tonight, that I can start/complete over the next few months. But since I know most of my writer-friends are on as tight a budget as I am, they may not be ready to contract a project tonight. However, most of my friends do have a few spare bucks they can offer a starving-artist-friend to go toward a new printer so I can print and present my artwork at the convention. I'll look real silly with a dozen leftover prints from last year and a bunch of new books but no new prints of the book covers.

So those who can hire me, contact me via live chat or email, here:

For those you want to help by tossing a few dollars into my tip jar, the link is here:

Most importantly, I want to thank all of the people who re-post my blog posts, retweet my tweets, and share my updates. All of you are amazing and keep this single mom's teen-aged boy fed and in forever growing shoes. I couldn't make a living as an artist, as tight a living as it gets at times, if not for ya'll.

Love you all ...

Cover art for JT Buckley's novel, Blood & Steel (book will be avail at the con for 1st time)

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

'Scepter of the Nile' book series bookmarks for MidSouthCon 33 {

As mentioned in my last post, prep for MidSouthCon 33 is underway as I try to finish up some other projects before I leave for the long weekend, working-vacation. Of course, my stress levels are rising since I have just over a week and a half to get everything done. 

Today, I put together some bookmarks for Ross Homer's Scepter of the Nile series and yesterday I created cover wraps for his books (which until MSC, have only been available on Kindle).

The dimensions altered just slightly for print, compared to the digital versions, and in my rush, I merged all of my layers on the first wrap ... grrr.

Luckily, since the two books are supposed to compliment, and the steps I took were fresh in my head, I managed to save all layers for book two.

I have already been contracted for book three's cover and will get started on that after the con. If you are attending the convention, be sure to look for these books in the art room, at my booth.

Author links:   http://theworldsofross.com   Twitter


Now, before I collapse into bed, I shall finish an Early Reader layout and do some more work on a cover artwork.

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Sunday, March 1, 2015

MidSouthCon 33 prep about to go into high-gear! Plus, panels I'm in at @MidSouthCon.

It's just 20 days before MidSouthCon 33

Once again, I'll be displaying/selling my work in the art room and am a guest artist panelist. That means, in between my existing project load, I am cataloging what I have as far as supplies, deciding what images I plan to display/sell, printing, trimming, and framing artwork, double-checking reservations and making arrangement for Mocha (our calico) to stay with us in the hotel room (this will be our first time staying at the hotel during the convention), making sure every member of my family has suitable clothing and luggage on hand for packing, and trying not to have a nervous breakdown in the process. 

Did I mention I'm on my second round of antibiotics for a flu-turned-sinus/bronchial infection-intensified by exposure to an upper respiratory infection? (I've been sick for a almost a month, now, which caused me to miss ConCave last month). This second trip to the doctor included a 'cocktail', meaning a steroid and penicillin shot. 


Ever hear the phrase, 'Soldier Up'? My version is, 'Puttin' on my big-girl panties'.

I didn't want to risk being sick and missing it. I almost missed it last year. I literally checked out of the hospital and took a cab straight to the convention due to illness (different situation). The staff was so cool. They actually bumped me ahead of people so I could get there on time, lol. I'd never known a hospital to be so considerate and understanding. Goes to show that us SFF geeks are more mainstream than we once were. Everybody acted like I was a minor celebrity or something, lol. 

Anyway ... Concom (the convention committee) emailed me a tentative schedule of the two panels I'm participating in and thought ya'll may want a look-see. 

Sat 3/21      6:00 PM      
Digital Art: Past, Present & Future      
From Andy Warhol's famous soup cans to the creation of immersive virtual reality installations. Where is Digital art going next? This panel is about the future of digital and its place in the art world. How is it different and will it last?

Sun 3/22     12:00 PM    
What's Your Medium?      
Various artists share how they create using wire, gems or even digital means for their art. Using different mediums to create art.

*EDIT* The full panel schedule and panelist list has been posted here: 

For those not familiar with MSC ...



MidSouthCon is presented by Mid-South Science and Fictions Conventions Inc. a non-profit type 501(c)(3) Corporation. Donations are welcome (and are tax deductible).


Our primary focuses are literacy and education. To that end, we have held an annual convention in Memphis, TN for over two decades hosting numerous authors, editors, scientists, and artists. We also hold a free writers' conference with workshops by award winning authors and editors.

Several of my authors and publishers are sending books, with cover art I created, for sale in the art room, at my booth and/or donation in the art auction on Sunday night. I plan to distribute market media (like bookmarks and business cards) at my tables, too.

So if you are free the weekend of March 20th, why not come out to the Hilton and join us?  Stop by the art room, bid on some art, and if you hang around, I'll be available to sign prints :D

I understand rooms are running out, so if you hope to come, be sure to book asap: http://midsouthcon.org/hotel-reserv

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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