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Sunday, March 1, 2015

MidSouthCon 33 prep about to go into high-gear! Plus, panels I'm in at @MidSouthCon.

It's just 20 days before MidSouthCon 33

Once again, I'll be displaying/selling my work in the art room and am a guest artist panelist. That means, in between my existing project load, I am cataloging what I have as far as supplies, deciding what images I plan to display/sell, printing, trimming, and framing artwork, double-checking reservations and making arrangement for Mocha (our calico) to stay with us in the hotel room (this will be our first time staying at the hotel during the convention), making sure every member of my family has suitable clothing and luggage on hand for packing, and trying not to have a nervous breakdown in the process. 

Did I mention I'm on my second round of antibiotics for a flu-turned-sinus/bronchial infection-intensified by exposure to an upper respiratory infection? (I've been sick for a almost a month, now, which caused me to miss ConCave last month). This second trip to the doctor included a 'cocktail', meaning a steroid and penicillin shot. 


Ever hear the phrase, 'Soldier Up'? My version is, 'Puttin' on my big-girl panties'.

I didn't want to risk being sick and missing it. I almost missed it last year. I literally checked out of the hospital and took a cab straight to the convention due to illness (different situation). The staff was so cool. They actually bumped me ahead of people so I could get there on time, lol. I'd never known a hospital to be so considerate and understanding. Goes to show that us SFF geeks are more mainstream than we once were. Everybody acted like I was a minor celebrity or something, lol. 

Anyway ... Concom (the convention committee) emailed me a tentative schedule of the two panels I'm participating in and thought ya'll may want a look-see. 

Sat 3/21      6:00 PM      
Digital Art: Past, Present & Future      
From Andy Warhol's famous soup cans to the creation of immersive virtual reality installations. Where is Digital art going next? This panel is about the future of digital and its place in the art world. How is it different and will it last?

Sun 3/22     12:00 PM    
What's Your Medium?      
Various artists share how they create using wire, gems or even digital means for their art. Using different mediums to create art.

*EDIT* The full panel schedule and panelist list has been posted here: 

For those not familiar with MSC ...



MidSouthCon is presented by Mid-South Science and Fictions Conventions Inc. a non-profit type 501(c)(3) Corporation. Donations are welcome (and are tax deductible).


Our primary focuses are literacy and education. To that end, we have held an annual convention in Memphis, TN for over two decades hosting numerous authors, editors, scientists, and artists. We also hold a free writers' conference with workshops by award winning authors and editors.

Several of my authors and publishers are sending books, with cover art I created, for sale in the art room, at my booth and/or donation in the art auction on Sunday night. I plan to distribute market media (like bookmarks and business cards) at my tables, too.

So if you are free the weekend of March 20th, why not come out to the Hilton and join us?  Stop by the art room, bid on some art, and if you hang around, I'll be available to sign prints :D

I understand rooms are running out, so if you hope to come, be sure to book asap: http://midsouthcon.org/hotel-reserv

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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