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Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Return to Dune Towers" writing challenge - submission by Jeanne Taylor (@JeannieTales)

 Another fun submission for the Return to Dune Towers writing challenge ...

Visual writing prompt: http://willowraven.weebly.com/return-to-dune-towers.html Write a short for this & I'll post it w link to you:-D 

Dune Towers, the last over-ground oasis in 3805A.D. The Commissioners had spared no expense in its construction; organic architecture, sentient infrastructure, name it and Dune Towers has it all.

Her gown is the only thing in the desert that moved fluid like water. It spills over the edges of her hover-board, nearly touching the dry waves of sand that stretch towards the horizons like an endless sea of death. Cracks run beneath her, the pathway chapped like the parched lips of Gaia, craving nothing more than blessed alleviation of its thirst. These days, only the hardiest of vegetation survives out here. That, and Dune Towers.

(Of course, Dune Towers isn’t truly alive, and what doesn’t live cannot die.)

Rings of green light, channelled for its sedative purposes, spill from dome shelters and the tubular dormitories that house The Colony within. She is dressed to conform to Commissioner expectations, one of the mindless post-human-pre-automaton sheep that they herd about the oasis. Superior androids, capable of performing high-functioning tasks to a technical T.

Mama and Papa are in there somewhere, their prized bronze skin (trademark of their people) stripped by leather smiths and replaced with milky, heated synthetic, just the way The Commissioners like it. They are an exotic treat; there aren’t many borderland tribes left. She has little doubt that they’re serving ambrosia and love to their captors in the pleasure domes.

She wants them back. Everything that The Commissioners have done to her family, she’ll repay in threefold.

The scout copters rise, angry bugs that amass to protect the hive. She has been spotted, will be vetted and checked and perhaps even interrogated in the infamous Warden’s Office before they allow her to interact with The Colony.

It doesn’t matter. They will never see her coming. 


Don't you think some of these submissions, like this one, would make great opening pages to novels?
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