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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

'The Robot's Daughter' ~ Cover art and design for W. Blake Heitzman (@navajobob)

W. Blake Heitzman's, The Robot's Daughter, presented a challenge from the initial planning stage; my and Blake's first live chat on the contact page on my website.

There were so many potentially cool visuals to use to represent the book, it was difficult deciding what would most effectively appeal to the most people in the sci-fi audience while still representing the overall mood and storyline. 

In the end, Blake and I decide to choose a key, turning-point scene, that didn't also mimic what the title implies, allowing the title to offer a separate clue than the visual does ...

More hints for the buck, so to speak. 

We also wanted to have a female-reader-friendly cover.

Sci-fi is predominantly a male genre. We knew anything about robots and spaceships would attract the guys, but we wanted something to catch the female eyes, as well. What better than a half-naked, modern day South-West Native American in jeans, boots, and cowboy hat alongside his furry, shape-shifting spirit-companion?

The biggest challenge? The lighting. Nighttime scenes are tricky to begin with, but nighttime scenes with a glowing spaceship that lights the environment is even trickier. The trick? LOTS of drafts and cussing ... lol.

I guess it's only fair I share the blurb now, huh?

From distant regions of the galaxy to the offices of the world’s most advanced corporation a war rages between good and evil, but for the robot’s daughter the horror comes from within. 

Don't forget to connect with Blake on social media and his blog:

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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