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Friday, May 8, 2015

'Behind Those Eyes' ~ cover art and design for Amanda Green (@AmandaGreenUK)

Some projects resonate with me more than others. I assume it's the same way with most artists and authors. When one does, it shows up in my work, which may explain why this cover has a bit of a different look for me. More of an edge that was TOTALLY unplanned.

Luckily for me, Amanda liked it in the first draft, even though it wasn't precisely what we had outlined in our project planning live chat.

Behind Those Eyes is actually to be a second edition. New cover, revised text.

So without further ado ...


Two homeless men, a successful brother and sister, a woman falling in love, a man with family problems, a policeman and a whole lot of twists in this 'sliding doors' style novella.
It’s a story about people and adversity, love, friendship and stigma.
Will you work out what they have in common?


5*  “In style this is one of those stories I used to seek out on the New Yorker website. It's rough, with a shot of reality and definitely makes you stop to think a lot ... her observations seem authentic and much more local.” 
~Ilze Powell on Goodreads.com
5* “... Unable to put it down. I totally got the humanity of it too… a fantastic read with excellently true to life characters.”
~Hamble O’Mara on Amazon.co.uk

5* “... For where some writers might choose this difficult topic to teach or preach you showed us the heart of the matter from the inside out and back again!”
~Paula Rose Michelson on Amazon.com

5* “The highest point of this novella, for me, is that the author gives a voice to people who are mostly unheard, unseen, or rejected, silenced”

~Renata Barcelos on Amazon.co.uk 

Be sure to find Amanda online to stay updated:

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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