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Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Return to Dune Towers" writing challenge - submission by SL Thomson (@she_reads)

I often wonder how I got along without Twitter before, well, Twitter.   :D

 SL Thomson (@she_reads) has submitted a short for my Return to Dune Towers artwork and my visual writing prompt challenge. Check it out ...

The sun breaks in the distance 
The first rays of hope
The journey's been far
You're at the end of your rope

You see in your mind
The Task laid ahead
You remember the torture
The screams of the dead

How you survived 
Is anyone's guess
Alone in this world
A beautiful mess

Where did you come from
You're all alone
Far from your Kingdom
Cast from your throne

There's a tree on the horizon
You're almost done
A new city to conquer
A place to call home

You are alone

Avaena arrived on the desert world of Koorvas weary, hungry and alone. The battle on her home star had been raging for weeks and now in utter chaos, the once beautiful star was in ruins. A dark shell in the cosmos, death and destruction gutted the very life force from the powerful star. She and a handful of fugitives managed to access the world portal before it collapsed. But something was terribly wrong. This was not the sister star they were trying to make it to. This was a barren place. Where were the others?

Aboard her veer, she started the journey toward something small in the distance. Her veer would hopefully make the distance, it's power supply was not at capacity. The sand beneath here looked deep and hot. Avaena was angry that her life had been turned upside down in a matter of days. Now she was alone, wandering on an unfamiliar planet, about to face Hanas know what. She sent a silent prayer to Hanas for protection. Her creator had never forsaken her. Blessing her with special gifts, rare talents and beauty, Avaena was powerful and dangerous. 

A single bloody tear dripped down her face. Angrily, she swiped it away. The blood touched the sand behind her, turning into a small diamond. Avaena never noticed. She was far too busy trying to make out what was now looking like trees in the distance and the thing hovering in the air beyond it. Closing her eyes for a moment brought back flashes of fire, screams of pain, Powerful remnants of dark magic and blood. So much blood. 

There would be more. There was no time for rest, no time for tears. She would make this place her home for now. The utter dominion of this barren place would undoubtedly bring more loss. A tearing down to build up in her own image. A blank canvas to create her kingdom until her star was ready to once again receive her back home. The citizens of Koorvas had no idea of the tragedy that was coming for them. Why had Avaena returned to Dune Towers?

© SL Thomson

Wanna participate in the challenge? If so write a short for this artwork, and I'll post it with links to your website and/or network profiles.  

Visual writing prompt: http://willowraven.weebly.com/return-to-dune-towers.html Write a short for this & I'll post it w link to you :-D 

Be sure to connect with  SL Thomson on Twitter or on her blog, She Reads.

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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