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Sunday, May 24, 2015

WillowRaven ~ 2015 VidFolio ... And how to make your own video for free on YouTube.

As a freelancer, including for those of us in publishing (artists, authors, etc), finding free promotional tools that provide professional results for our crafts can be a challenge; and all too often, we over-think how we can accomplish what we want. Such was the case when I went to update my VidFolio on YouTube, which I also post to my website, blog, and social networks to promote my book cover art, illustration & design services.

My old video/slideshow software simply became too expensive to pay for the subscription year after year, so I spent HOURS searching the web for a free slideshow-to-video creation software that also allowed me to incorporate music that not only enhances my slideshow, but also expresses aspects of my personality. Should be hundreds ... thousands of options out there. Right?

Half the links upon a Google search come up either duds or so full of adware-filled downloads I didn't want to risk it. The two I did trust enough to download simply didn't work. After spending more time troubleshooting (because freeware rarely can afford lots of tech support), I had an aggravation-induced thought ... Maybe YouTube itself has a software they recommend, or a way to make videos. Sure enough they do! Now, why didn't I think of that before?

Keeping in mind that I tend to prefer simplified applications, allowing the art to be the primary visual, there are many advanced options to choose from right on YouTube's website. I only wanted images and music with a controllable slide-changing speed, but there are all sorts of visual effects and even video-editing options, like sepia tone and soft-focus blurs to choose from in the advanced settings. I did fancy it up a bit by selecting a checkboard transition style ... At least, I think that's fancy, lol.

Here is where you go to create a slideshow video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/upload

I do have one tip to make video/slideshow creation a touch easier, though. I had to start fresh three times because I wasn't aware how easy it was to make my experience harder than it had to be, lol.

If the images you intend to use in your slideshow are not already in an album of their own, with no extra images you don't want in your video, and need to be uploaded from your computer, which in turn, are also scattered in different folders or are in folders overloaded with unwanted images, I recommend copying the desired images all into their own folder before starting then upload them all at once and to their own album. That made my third attempt take just a few minutes. The first two attempts were spent trying to siphon through folders then deleting accidental duplicates and unwanteds.

But after the desired images are uploaded, all you have to do is rearrange the images in the order of your choosing, then move to step two and add music from their many options, set a speed close to the song length, and finish the set-up. Then TADA! You now have a slideshow you can either enhance with advanced options or publish to you page, then where-ever else you like.

And not only do I now have a free, new VidFolio to show off my services, it even a better quality video. My paid-for software images were converted to video as low rez, meaning if authors wanted to go full-scene to closer view my work, it would look horrible. And the audio recorded horribly, regardless how good my audio file was, and I spent a lot of time recording and re-recording to avoid lags and skips. I had no such problems with the YouTube application. So not only did I get a free application, it gave me a better result than before.

All in all ... I am one happy freelancer who has written a blog post to remind myself not to overthink things and to look at the source for a solution, first, and only when that fails, to flex my research muscles looking for the little extra tools I need as a freelancer.

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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