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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Return to Dune Towers" writing challenge - submission by Don Kesterson (@don_kesterson)

Don Kesterson (@don_kesterson) has submitted a short for my Return to Dune Towers artwork and my visual writing prompt challenge. Check it out ...

Shocked, Queen Nefertiti stared at her desert. Something had appeared during the night.

The Short Story

Two beings were standing on either side of Nefertiti’s flying disc as they whisked her from the balcony of the palace to the isolated Egyptian desert. She hovered above the desert floor, moving faster than the finest and fastest chariots of the Egyptian Kingdom. At first she was terrified, as neither of the beings spoke. Then when they did communicate with her, they did so telepathically. “We are servants to the Sun god Aten. Before you is our colony. Prepare yourself to meet Aten.”

Nefertiti wondered if she were still asleep and dreaming. “Who are you? Where have you come from?”

A different voice spoke in her head. “I am Aten, the Sun god. We are from your past and your future. Return with the King this night, and I will show you from where we come. Are you and the King interested in receiving great power?”

Before she could say another word, her flying disc spun around so fast, she became quite dizzy. The two beings grabbed her arms to keep her from falling. The faster the disc went, the more light-headed she became.

Moments later, Nefertiti regained consciousness on the floor of the palace balcony. Was all of that a dream? It seemed so real.

Several of her servants came onto the balcony to tend to her. They took her inside and put compresses on her, then brought food and water. When King Amenhotep IV entered her chamber, Nefertiti sent the servants away. She told him the story of the morning’s event. The King’s forehead furrowed. “Do you think it was real?”

Nefertiti spun around to meet his gaze. “I don’t know, but tonight as dusk is falling, will you come out on the balcony with me to see if these beings return?”

King Amenhotep closed his eyes and nodded.


As the sun set in the west, Queen Nefertiti and King Amenhotep cautiously walked out onto the balcony of her bedroom and stood for but a moment. Both were whooshed onto a flying disc, escorted by two sentient beings on either side. Nefertiti’s eyes grew large as she tilted her head toward Amenhotep. They flew at an even greater rate of speed than that morning, their silk garments flowing straight out behind them. Before the sky turned completely dark, the flying disc stopped at a distance from the strange colony. Unusual black structures were fully illuminated by glowing green lights. The beings communicated telepathically, “Prepare yourselves to be in the presence of Aten, the Sun god.” The beings disappeared.

Nefertiti and Amenhotep IV looked around as they hovered ten feet above the desert floor.

By now the sky was pitch black, yet it seemed as though the sky rippled with a wave of something moving across it., “Welcome to Dune Towers,” a deep telepathic voice said. “I am Aten, the Sun god. Only you and your Queen may see my colony.”

Nefertiti bowed down on the disc, as did Amenhotep.He said, “Where are you from, Aten, the Sun god?”

Immediately, the sky opened again and was filled with the stars of the night. The voice in their heads spoke again. “Are you familiar with what your people call the Constellation Pleiades?”

Nefertiti looked toward the heavens and pointed. “You mean the Seven Sisters?”

“That is the one. My colony and I are from that star system. I have returned to your Earth to offer my wisdom in return for your worship.”
King Amenhotep stood up on the disc. “You say returned. You have been here before?”

“My people and I showed your earth kings how to build the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. We have returned to your world, for your people have strayed from our teachings.”

Amenhotep knelt down again but gazed skyward. “So it were you who gave my predecessors the knowledge to build them.”

“It was I. You shall change your name to Akhenaten, the Servant of Aten.”

The King stood up once more and held his hand down to Nefertiti to help her up. She hesitated. “We hear your words, but we need a sign from you that you are the one and only Sun god.”

“Behold, I give you the vision of the great city you will build to worship me.”

A great vision appeared in the desert.
“Your people will worship me and only me. You shall construct this great city here in the desert and name it after you Akhenaten, great King. You must cease building a temple to Thebes and instead build a great temple to me, in that city.” He turned to Nefertiti. “And if you do all these things, Nefertiti, you shall bear a son, who will be the greatest king in all of the history of Egypt, and you shall call him Tutankhamun.

Queen Nefertiti and King Akhenaten bowed down and worshipped. Satan was pleased.

What an excellent submission!!!

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