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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Winter at Copper Ridge' ~ New pre-made cover art available from WillowRaven

Recently, I visited another designer's website and saw where he posted early concepts or alternate versions of the finalized covers, calling them 'killed covers'. We even chatted on Twitter as to a friendlier name, like 'rejected covers', but I thought 'rejected' was just as negative a word to use for the alternate versions, that have nothing wrong with them other than not being the cover picked by the author/publisher.

If the art is unique from the final, published result (not recognizable as being connected to the final book), I'd much rather offer the art at a discount for potential adoption for another book than 'kill' the art. Especially if the art is in a style I would like more of in my folio.

This cover concept, though initially accepted by the author, was substituted for a completely different concept, and title change, after reactions from beta readers sent the author back to the editing table and in a new direction, making this scene no longer fitting. 

Now, it's available on my website as a pre-made cover, and friends on Twitter helped give the piece a temporary name: Winter at Copper Ridge.

As with all of my pre-made covers, once a concept is attached to a book, it's never re-sold and is forevermore associated with you and your book.

If interested in this design for your book, contact me through my website's contact page. If you'd like to see more pre-made cover artworks, visit my pre-made covers gallery.

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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