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Friday, July 31, 2015

"Blue Satin Sashes" writing challenge - submission by Stephanie Barnes (@sbarnes07)

Falling Snow

The soft jingle of bells woke me from my sleep. I don’t know how I managed to fall asleep in an open carriage but falling snow always makes my eyes feel tired and heavy. 

The white frozen droplets drifted down from the opaque clouded realms above. I pulled the collar of my coat around my neck, this was not for warmth but rather habit as I gazed at the snowy dream around me. 

As a child I always enjoyed the winter season. Making angels in the snow, catching snowflakes and chasing my friends with snowballs always made winter a warm, happy memory. There was always something beautiful about winter and when I looked up at the falling snow I found my mind would always wander.

Since this winter began, I struggled to remember many things. I could barely remember what time it was or how many days had passed. Even the thought of where the carriage was taking me made my mind sluggish. 

The last memory I had was skating with my dear friend on our neighbour’s frozen lake. My skin shivered as ice cold needles prickled my skin and I quickly rubbed the frozen sensation away.

The hooded driver directed the horse without a single word or tug of the reins. I wondered if they had taken this road before and I felt silly because I already knew the answer. 

I suddenly realised I had never asked the driver his name, I couldn’t remember how we had even met but I knew I was safe. This man was not going to hurt me, nobody could now.

My heavy head lulled back and I looked up at the falling snow. I closed my eyes as the sweet snow kissed my cheeks. 

I could fall asleep for eternity under the sinking snow.

What an awesome submission. Yes?

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Steph B


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