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Friday, July 17, 2015

Contest entry and Personal tribute to 'Memphis::Black Velvet'

On occasion, I participate in a small art challenge in one of the forums I frequent. Although there is a new challenge each month, I rarely have time to put something together. This month's challenge, however, compelled me to do something. 

The theme was simple, which, of course, made it hard to stand out from the competition (so many good images over a wide scale of topics)... 'Opposites': 

"This month, create a picture using opposites like hot and cold, bright and dark, good and evil, cats and dogs -- there are a number of combinations I'm sure you can come up with. Take whatever approach you want, from serious to silly, and any genre that appeals to you. Have fun!"

I thought quite a bit about my submission for this one. I went with opposites in my city. Memphis is a city of merging opposites. Walk down Beale street and you'll get my meaning pretty soon. You literally feel it in your skin.

Visually, you're surrounded by art deco buildings from the 1920's and modern-day steel. The Peabody is still visited by celebrities and presidents. Its Gatsby-days glamor is breath-taking and yet common to us. Walk a little this way, and there's Sun Studios, where Elvis became a new religion. Graceland is haunted, yet filled with people every day, from all over the world.

And whether walking in Memphis, catching a ride on the trolley, or taking a tour on a horse-drawn carriage, you are ALWAYS hearing music and smelling awesome food. Day or night, SOMEONE is playing a guitar, sax, trumpet, etc. One guy passed me downtown in roller-skates, a floppy, hillbilly hat, playing a banjo. Seemingly for no other purpose than it felt perfectly normal to him, with the homeless man on the bench happy to sing along.

As we start the 2-3 block, most-known section of Beale street, you decide if you want to listen to jazz, blues, soul, southern rock, country, or our own southern blend of a bit of all of it while shopping for novelties and souvenirs, carrying a drink in a cup, with understated hints of voodoo in each shop.

The song that most epitomizes my city and expresses the mood and feeling? Black Velvet (the original sung by Alannah Myles).

I'm curious to see how many of ya'll see my opposites without me having to explain them.

Wanna view it with the song that accompanies it? Check it out on my website:

Interested in unique merchandise with this artwork? http://willowraven.weebly.com/merchandise.html

Song performed by the illustrious Alannah Myles >>>

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven

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