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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Down by the River ~ Two more covers for the Spirit Waters Trilogy by Lucretia T Knight (@LucretTKnight)

Down by the River is the next soon-to-be-released volume of Lucretia T. Knight's Spirit AWaters Trilogy. And to take advantage of an available discount, we went ahead and readied the cover for book three, still to be written at the time of this post.

The unique challenge with this project was to utilize the same central graphic for each new volume while still making each unique to that particular book's plot needs and giving each one it's own look. Each cover has to 'work' on its own while remaining cohesive as a set. I am so not a fan of using the same exact image for each new volume, and just changing the text or color scheme. I find it lazy and potentially confusing to the readers. 

It would so aggravate me to grab the wrong book at a glance and have to go back and grab the right one. I image it would annoy book buyers, too. Or even worse, buyers not noticing the too slight variation, and not buying the sequels because they don't realize they are different books. We only have a click of the mouse to grab buyer attention. Why making harder for your book to sell?

But let me stop ranting and give you the blurb for Down by the River:

The ocean filled him, nearly killing him, and then released him. The experience of drowning when he was eight has haunted Drew ever since. Now at thirty-two, he has returned home to his cloying family in the small town of Demetra. He’s jobless, loveless, and searching. His family forces him into a baptismal immersion that triggers his childhood drowning and sends him spiraling toward an incomprehensible journey filled with terrifying and prophetic visions. Along the way he finds an unlikely love, the courage to release his deepest fears, and ultimately the strength to embrace his sublime destiny.

For those that want more information about book one, A Witch's Tale, here's a recap:

Amy’s life is a numb existence of work and home, until strange dreams of the moon and waves sweep her into a dark place within herself. Her mundane world begins to spin into exciting, erotic adventures. But, who is really in control? Disjointed memories of the day rattle Amy’s mind and she begins to question her sanity. She discovers an old familial connection to witchcraft. A journey into her mind and soul lead her to a place where she will have to battle for the right to her own existence. Converging blood lines will either destroy her, or liberate her.

Personally, I am most excited about the Luna's Tide volume. Lucretia has only told me a little bit about it, but I can't imagine not loving it.  

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Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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