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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Valley of the Dead ~ cover art and design for Crystal M Romero (@Crstl_M_Romero)

I had some interesting challenges with this project. The main one was I kept trying to get too detailed while trying to represent a mob with as few characters as possible. 
The original project outline called for two detailed figures (the cops in front) and five low-detail or partial zombie-figures. So originally, the scene wasn't going to have so many elements in it like the extra cars and buildings. This plan was designed by Crystal and I to help keep the cost down by keeping the amount of time needed down. 
Well, anyone that has worked with me has probably figured out that I have a mental glitch when it comes to controlling some of my scenes, lol. So naturally I spent a lot more time of this scene than I billed for, lol. This was also one of the reasons why Crystal missed a couple events she had hoped to present her book at (so blame me, folks).
I honestly did start out with a more simple plan. But as happens with many of my works, the piece took on a life of its own. I've often heard writers express similar exasperation when a story or character refuses to follow the outline.
I did finally reign myself in when I started adding the necessary zombie elements. Even though Crystal and I both had visions of guts and gore dancing in our heads, I knew the minute details would never translate well as an Amazon thumbnail, causing too much visual 'noise' and clutter. It's already full as it is.
So without further ado ... 
Because of nationwide marriage equality, this year's Gay Pride weekend promised to be the best one ever. Across California’s Silicon Valley, couples gathered for numerous weddings, and people showed their pride at a downtown park. Nothing, not even religious protests could ruin the weekend. 

Yvonne Martin just wanted to relax at home this year and dream about white sand beaches. Then Reggie called with crazy talk about zombies at the door and pleas for her to save him. Setting out on this rescue mission, the chaos outside quickly proved that much more than the weekend was ruined. Along the way, they are thrown together with Captain Jacqueline Rhodes and Officer Morales, the last survivors of the police force. Together they must make their escape from this Valley of the Dead.

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Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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