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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nikki Magee ~ Cover art and design for Peter Wendt's (@PeterWendtWhere) novel.

Today's project was sort of a surprise. Originally, I was only hired to redesign the cover using existing artwork; mainly because the original design misportrayed the genre. But after playing with the original artist's work a bit, Peter decided to go the whole way and commission me to create new art, too. And here is the result. Oh; and the blurb ...

Nikki is an orphan, age 11. She's a musical prodigy, with a voice. Her story begins when she is thrown from an uncaring dark world into the morning light of her life, soon finding herself protected by a guardian in the form of Johnny Mazzarisi, a mob boss, and his family. 

Over the next four years, Nikki goes from the gutter to the stage; aided by those who come to love her. There's Lesya Popov, a once world-renowned harpist, and Drek Mason, whose six-man rock band isn't what his senses, or desires, tell him it should be. Also Jimmy Clarke, a Jamaican keyboardist whose instincts aid Drek's search. 

Nikki's story is one of music, and through her music, she finds hope. From Chopin to Joe Cocker, Nikki's wish is to play, and play she does. She has a dream, and at age 15 Nikki goes to her first rock concert where Fate is going to intervene, on a massive scale.

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Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
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