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Friday, December 16, 2016

Cover art and design for TRIUMPH, by Ingrid Kern (@Ingrid1Kern) is ready for show.

Available in paperbackhardcover & ebook
I love, Love, LOVE it when an author lets me just go with an idea.

When Ingrid first contacted me on Twitter, then we moved to the live chat window on my site, we kind of came up with a vague, abstract plan of some running shoes and a butterfly or dragonfly to express Victory (which was the title at the time) and freedom which had been gained from running, and she set me loose.

Well, the first two ideas just weren't feeling right (and I know I was stressing her out with the lack of something to show her), so I asked her if I could paint a phoenix instead of a butterfly or dragonfly. She said go for it. (Yea!) Suddenly, my muse woke up and kicked me in gear, which also resulted in a title change.

And this is the result. I had so much fun, too. I can't wait for our next project.

Back cover:

Taming the Monster Within

The author's commitment to overcome her doubts and fears; quiet the voices in her head; and make one of her dreams come true to participate in the Summer Senior Olympics after 49 years of not running at all, takes the reader through some 4 years of her training, her search for answers and her desire to leave the past behind. Finishing 7th with a torn hamstring at The National Games in 2011 ended her career as a Sprinter. 

The book gives the reader a glimpse of what the author, who has been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused as a child, was daily going through to get past the still powerfully looming influence of her father. The physical pain due to a few injuries made her connect to the pain she endured as a child; going deeper and finally receiving psychological help she continued her intense work on taming the monster called FEAR.

Available in paperbackhardcover & ebook

Be sure to connect with Ingrid Kern online, too: 

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Monday, November 14, 2016

Valley of the Dead, by Crystal M Romero (@Crstl_M_Romero), has new cover art and design.

New cover won't be available immediately.
When Crystal Romero contacted me about revamping the cover for Valley of the Dead, I was excited about approaching it from a new angle, expressing a new style while holding true to the story and genre.

To be honest, I feel this new cover fits our original vibe before we got distracted by details. You can check out the old cover below.

So without further ado ... The blurb:

Because of nationwide marriage equality, this year's Gay Pride weekend promised to be the best one ever. Across California’s Silicon Valley, couples gathered for numerous weddings, and people showed their pride at a downtown park. Nothing, not even religious protests could ruin the weekend. 

Yvonne Martin just wanted to relax at home this year and dream about white sand beaches. Then Reggie called with crazy talk about zombies at the door and pleas for her to save him. Setting out on this rescue mission, the chaos outside quickly proved that much more than the weekend was ruined. Along the way, they are thrown together with Captain Jacqueline Rhodes and Officer Morales, the last survivors of the police force. Together they must make their escape from this Valley of the Dead.

old cover
Be sure to connect with Crystal online, too: 

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blades and Roses ~ cover art & design for J.E. Peter (@RavenVyper)

Premade cover 'gothic rose and hand' ... going, going, SOLD to the author of Blades and Roses, J.E. Peter.

Personally, I think artwork with an official book title and byline always looks happier. :D

I think this particular selling of a premade cover is the fastest I've ever had. Joanne contacted me on twitter the same day the blog post went live. I should do more works like this, lol.

Of course, a book needs a blurb; so without further ado ...

Have you ever stared death in the eye? And wondered how cold, dark and calculative it is? Death itself was a force to be reckoned with – one that could not be torn asunder or led astray. If it set its hooks and claws in you, if it bayed for your flesh and soul like the voracious pestilent beast it truly it is, then it will claim you. 

It will never stop. It will never fade. It will never break. 

Death was careful and persistent, ever vigilant on its quarry. 

Death would not be denied.

But I had done the irrevocable. I conquered Death. I courted the Shadows. I loved its Reaper. 

And tonight, I would fight for him. 


Because I am powerful. I am immortal. I am…Ethereal.  

See? Isn't it so much nicer when an artwork has words to accompany it? It sure is to me. Then, again, I went to art school to become a book cover artist, so to me, they just go together.

Don't forget to connect with J.E. Peter online ...

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Return to Dune Towers" writing challenge - submissions by J. Nathanial Corres (@JNathanialC56)


The Hoverat or hover chariot stood motionless over the sand dune. A trading and space port stood pristine and vibrant over the spot that once held a stone keep. The fortress fell a decade prior, and at a cost that young princes Lor'afa felt was too dear. Her eyes stung with bitter tears as the vision of the captain of her guard lay dead before her in the burnt out rubble crossed her mind. 

Silently, she cursed herself for being so callous, unfeeling and cruel to such an honourable young man. Despite Jora'l's consistent efforts at being kind, considerate and loyal she had treated him worse than a slave. That tragic day, it had dawned on her as she was being led away from the battle. Jora'l had saved her from a great support beam from falling on her after a cannon round found the inner citadel. He laid her down between her other personal guard after running her through near white hot fire to get her to safety. He declared the others to stay with her until her father could arrive with relief and then only move if the structure began to weaken. Jora'l then ran back into the inferno to buy time for the small group to be rescued. 

That was the last time she saw him alive. He chanced one final look in her direction. Was it resignation in his eyes did she see? For what seemed an eternity the princess saw a glimpse of the inner pain that her protector carried within. Then, he disappeared and she found herself being forcefully held back and carried in the direction of the delivery doors. 

The rest, as she adjusted her Hoverat, was a blur of activity she thought she'd never should have survived. Admittedly, it was a small raid by an overly ambitious prince. On the other hand, it was a diversion for a larger force of arms that her father, King Olan'm was grimly prepared for. Skiffs and other craft arrived within moments of her being escorted from the besieged fortress. She was covered in soot and was coughing for all the smoke, but still she held out hope for Jora'l. There was a lot between them, but the least she could do was be sure she thanked him properly. It never occurred to the pampered princess just how deep the captain of her guard felt for her till after the siege. 

Lor'afa ignored the pleas of her beleaguered remaining guards and made for the ruins. She could see her father's advanced guard and his personal battle wagon coming across the desert sea as she carefully made for the citadel that Jora'l had made for. Near the top that was now sitting five stories lower in the sand she found her gallant knight. 

His eyes were fixed upon his right hand as his left lay across his lap. It was clear he had passed some time earlier. His quarry, the power mad prince was pinned against the wall with a sword through his heart. A permanent look of shock, anger and fear in his eyes. Then, slowly, as she leaned over to see if Jora'l was dead she noticed what was in his clenched right hand. Gently, she removed the item and found to her amazement and horror that it was a favour she herself had given him! Lor'afa stayed frozen as the memories, mostly bad, came flooding back to her. 

All the recollections of times she acted like a pompous twit and treated him worse than a mere slave assailed her like darts hurled by an angry hunter. What crushed her was when she looked into Jora'l's dead eyes. 

There were tears! He knew his time had come and all he could think of was her. That was the sadness and resignation she witnessed before he died. This scared veteran, a man who looked much older than his years, had cared so much for her that he was willing to take the mistreatment and cruelty just to be at her side. It had never occurred to Lor'afa to see him such a light. His bravery, honour and courage – all devoted out of unrequited love. 

All that price paid and all he had to show for it was a kerchief. This was the lesson her mother spoke of and that Jora'l had hinted to in the past. She found herself gently kissing his cheek before sitting back on her feet and crying like a baby. Lor'afa knew she had been helped to her feet, to meet her father who was concerned for her. 

She steadied herself and ignored hand maids, her weak fiancée and the doctors to walk directly to Olan'm. The conversation was brief and Lor'afa had it burned in her memory. She thrust the bloodied and lightly burnt favour at him. 

“Did you know this? All this time? Why didn't you tell me?! WHY?!” 

The king locked eyes with his bereaved daughter. He shifted in his own blood stained and charred armour uncomfortably before waving aside his attendants and quieting the throng around him and answering as calmly and gently as possible. 

“Some lessons must be learnt the hard way. We both tried – Jora'l and I, as did your mother, but you wouldn't or weren't ready to hear it or learn it for yourself. Your stubborn mentality, borne from me I believe, was never really tempered with your mother's kindness. There were times when Jora'l and I would have loved to have shaken you or do something to awaken you to your plight. However, I, as he knew, couldn't force you to do something or acknowledge anything you were against doing.”

He paused to quell his urge to both cry and scream. “ As a parent, I had to let you make choices – decisions – for yourself. They were your problems and you had to grow up to see the solutions for what they were. I could never have helped you and it wouldn't have been fair to you if I had. I have to say I am as devastated by the loss of Jora'l as you are; More so as he was the finest protector of your personal guard. Not to mention, he was the closest to a son that I had ever had! Yes, I knew he loved you – deeply. That cloud over your eyes, it worried us both to death. All I am going to say is; If you really did or do care about Jora'l, then you'll become the woman and leader he, your mother and I all know you are! Don't let this sacrifice be in vane! Now go and let the healers and doctors see to you. There are many who lost their lives today and as much as I'd like to mourn, I am a king, first and foremost.” 

Ten years and those words still stung and haunted her. Ten long years and finally Lor'afa had found the courage to come back. She wanted to scream to the heavens for the divine pantheon to give her back her true love. Once more, as a decade prior, she found herself on her knees in tears. She never married the popinjay. Her heart had found what it sought and would never let it go till she passed on. She found her strength once more and as she looked up she could swear she saw Jora'l standing on a nearby dune. His coal black eyes were softened by a kind smile that played over a well cropped beard. The image nodded sadly at her and pointed to its heart. Before it faded from view, Jora'l bowed one final time, smiled and disappeared. 

© 2015 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

To connect with Jon, follow him on Twitter: 

J.Nathanial Corres


Visual writing prompt: http://willowraven.weebly.com/blue-satin-sashes.html Write a short for this & I'll post it w/ link to you :D

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
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Aidana WillowRaven


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Black Dog Short Stories I & II ~ cover art & design for Rachel Neumeier (@RachelNeumeier)

Black Dog Short Stories I & II - print variation
Just in time for Halloween! :D

One of my favorite hybrid authors to work with, Rachel Neumeier, has a new set of short stories from her Black Dog series of novels and tales, this time, with a publishing twist.

Since Black Dog Short Stories I originally only came out in ebook, Black Dog Short Stories II is coming to readers in both ebook and print, and wonderfully, the print version will include the stories from the first book as well as the second. Eight stories in all, while the ebook version will only include the four stories for book two. 

Have I confused everyone yet?

That's ok; it was confusing for me, too. After creating the art (super-fun, btw -- check out the full artwork below), I then had to design two front cover designs, one for the ebook version and one for the print version. The print version is on the left, with 'I & II' on the title. 

ebook version
The ebook version resembles the first book by listing the four enclosed titles on the cover, as seen here on the right. See why I was getting confused? 

Myself? I want a print copy. :D Oh, Hell, ... Why not grab both?

What you'll find in the full volume:

Natividad is delighted when the Master of Dimilioc gives her permission to go Christmas shopping in a real town, since she definitely needs to find gifts for her brothers. But did Grayson have to assign Keziah to go with her?

Étienne Lumondiere has annoyed Miguel once too often, throwing his weight around and belittling ordinary humans. But Miguel’s going to fix that. He just needs to work out a few more details of his clever plan.

It’s tough for a black dog raised outside Dimilioc to adjust to being a team player. But Thaddeus is determined to impress Grayson . . . until he is unexpectedly confronted by a black dog kid who reminds him a little too much of himself.

The Dimilioc executioner is the mainstay of the Master’s authority, as Ezekiel knows better than anyone. He has never questioned his role in Dimilioc . . . until now.

Before the failure of the miasma that hid all supernatural darkness from the sight of ordinary humans, brutal black dogs sometimes ruled as kings—sometimes for generations. In a country where black dogs rule and the Pure are despised, even a girl as fierce and determined as Keziah finds life a precarious struggle. But after her little sister is born, she has so much to fight for…

Ezekiel is on his own when he discovers an entrenched enemy with a particularly unpleasant plan to supplant and destroy Dimilioc. To defeat this enemy, Ezekiel needs an ally…even a man who might turn on him before the end.

Living and working with a lot of stray black dogs is a real trial for Ethan Lanning, especially since not even the best bloodlines and training gave him the kind of strength a Lanning ought to possess. But when a mission gets complicated, Thaddeus might be just the right guy to have at his back after all…

Just an ordinary Christmas with his grandmother, that’s all Justin has in mind. Sure, it’s a little awkward that Grayson insisted Keziah keep him company on the trip, but everything will be fine once they get to know each another. But Justin never expected to arrive only to discover his grandmother has vanished from her home…

Here's the full cover wrap scene ...

Black Dog Short Stories I
Christmas Shopping
Library Work
A Learning Experience
The Master of Dimilioc
Black Dog Short Stories II
Mothers and Daughters
Unlikely Allies
Bank Job
A Family Visit

Don't forget to connect with Rachel Neumeier for order information online, too:

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Red Sails in the Morning ~ cover art & design for Victoria Lynn Osborne (@VictoriaLOsborn) and Azure Spider Publications (@AzurePublica)

As most of my readers and followers have probably guessed, fantasy is my first love. Don't get me wrong, any good read can grab me. I enjoy creating covers for several genres for a wide range of ages and readers. However, this series has me really excited.

Red Sails in the Morning, book one of The Great Wyrm Saga, (published by Azure Spider Publications) introduces some really amazing and creative characters.

Ironically, portraying the antagonist on the front cover was much easier than the soldiers and ships in the middle ground. Even though they'd never be seen in detail, all of those little figures involved in their own actions was like crawling into a rabbit hole.


In the east an ancient evil awaken. Two immortal dragons, Char and Cindar, stir from their centuries’ long torpor to seek vengeance on those who imprisoned them.

Levet, the daughter of prophecy, struggles with her own role to play as the dragons rise. She must journey through the lands of men and sylns to learn the way of the islands and their customs.

Jarvis, a human lord, rises in power. The human islands fall to his sword as he runs a campaign with ruthlessness and magic.

The first novel in “The Great Wyrm Saga,” is a broad sweeping epic that plunges peaceful islands into war and returns to power an evil so terrible that neither Sylns nor men can stand up to it.

Here's the full cover wrap scene ...

Don't forget to connect with Victoria Lynn Osborne online, too:

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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Friday, October 7, 2016

New PREMADE cover ideal for a #murder #suspense or #mystery theme available for purchase on my website.

I don't get to offer too many premade covers on my website, staying pretty busy with commissioned projects. 

Once in a while, either a really good concept gets rejected, for one reason or another, or I just get a really cool idea I gotta get out of my head. Either way, circumstances have allowed me to offer this cover at a discounted rate, lower than most of my commissioned works.

This particular cover would work great as the face of a murder, mystery, suspense, or even a romance novel. 

If you think this cover would work for your book, let me know. A few minor changes can be made without any extra cost.

If this isn't suitable to your genre, maybe it gives you an idea I can create for you, I'd love to hear about your book. 

I can be found fairly on Twitter, so DM or send me a mention. We'll schedule time for a live chat on my website and go over how to either modify this cover to your needs or create a whole new look.

This isn't the only premade cover on my site, either. Check out some others in my premade cover gallery.

Find me on Twitter: @WillowRaven

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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