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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

'Millennium', MidSouthCon (@MidSouthCon), and Alex Steinberg (@MillenniumStory)

I'm excited to announce that Alex and I are teaming up again, this time on a book of SFF stories. The official title will be, AfterFire: A Collection of Short, Epic Tales. An August 2016 release is planned, so keep an eye out for my unveiling in a few months.

I first met Alex when I created his Millenium cover last summer (debut post). I thought I would re-introduce the cover today because Alex is going to be providing signed copies of Millenium at MidSouthCon 34 next month. He won't be there in person, but I'll be there all weekend.

Those in the Memphis area March 18th through the 20th should definitely stop by and find me and Alex's book in the art room, where I will be displaying and selling prints of my artwork. I'm also a guest panelist again this year and will be posting the schedule as soon as I get it. For more about the charity auction...

Blurb for Millenium

In 2091, four years before the Great Civil War, Humanity expanded to a multitude of planets across the galaxy, setting up colonies, officially declaring themselves to be the only sentient life in the Milky Way Galaxy. They were wrong.

Nine years later, Lieutenant Commander Keane Blaze, a young, but well-respected soldier, is ordered to help evacuate the colony on Ordem, a strange desert planet. Everything goes as planned at first, until an unknown enemy initiates an ambush, destroying Keane's transport. In order to save him, the ship's artificial intelligence launches his cryo-pod to the surface of the planet, putting Keane into cryo-sleep for 1000 years.

Waking after his long slumber, Keane learns the enemy that long ago destroyed his transport is back, again fighting against Humanity and its allied races. With the help of a younger alien race and a mysterious figure from his past, Keane races to end the threat that this enemy poses, once and for all.

A few Amazon reviews:

*****This book is a modern American masterpiece! I cheered at the author's courage for openly publishing a true mix of classic sci-fi and modern furry fan fiction. The story mixed the action of Twilight, with the humor and raw sensuality of The Fred Movie. I wish more authors had this author's courage, he is a true crusader for our people.

*****This book was excellent. There was some grammar errors or words left out but that is to be expected with a new writer. I hope that the next book will be as good as this one. The beginning was a little confusing. Just know that it's in the future on a colony that humans share with aliens.

*****Alex is a very prolific writer. A will be watching out for more of his books. I would recommend this one to everyone!!!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Alex and his books on social media: 

Twitter: Alex Steinberg @MillenniumStory
Facebook: Millenniumstory

Millennium is published through Ravenswood Publishing.

And for MidSouthCon:

Onto wrapping up the next book :-D
Until next time ...
Aidana WillowRaven


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