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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Return to Dune Towers" writing challenge - submissions by Gary Edward Gedall (@gary_gedall)

Gary Edward Gedall, submitter for today's short for this image. Enjoy :D

Anis Fīniksa of Danlovan, returns to Dune Towers.

Only three short months separate this majestic lady, from the frightened slave girl, who barely escaped with her life.

She wears a long, draping, moon-green dress, reminiscent of her old, rough, hemp clothing, dyed to the colour of her liege. Only this creation is of Cantonian velvet, shaped by the cunning hands of the Rennet feys.

The four golden armbands, replace the brutal, bronze controllers; equipped with positioners, pleasure and pain, circuits. Those very same mechanisms which nearly drove her crazy during the first hours after her dash to freedom was discovered.

The hover-drone is her piece de resistance. They cannot fail to see her triumphant return.

Of course, they could undoubtedly incinerate her, an easy enough mark.

But she is confident enough that they won’t.

After all, they might not even recognise her for who she was.

They would be secure in their knowledge, that the slave had died, died in the empty desert. Driven insane from the torturous electronic signals that translated into the most horrendous experience of pain.

Anis Fīniksa of Danlovan, returns to Dune Towers.


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