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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cover art and design for SnowOwl's (@SnowOwl0101) ARCHIVER MANHUNT

SnowOwl, one of my tweeps on twitter, wanted a new book cover to represent his Wattpad-posted book, Archiver Manhunt, and I had just finished binge-watching the entire series of Flashpoint on Netflix, so we sort of had the same fascination at the same time.

Check of the blurb:

Three species co-exist on a politically unstable colony. Humans, Animal-Human Hybrids, and Conscious Machines.

Current Government ran by humans in the midst of waging a series of raids on the poverty-stricken regions of their colony most populated by fox-human hybrids. Publicly they claim to be waging a drug war, yet from behind the scenes they are after incriminating video footage involving a false flag attack, and acts of sadistic handling of suspects at the hands of intelligence department. 

A mobile video recorder finds himself working for the streets, in hopes of sending his finding to a force that can handle the situation.

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